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Tips for dealing with vandilism?


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  • Tips for dealing with vandilism?

    I've dealt with vandilism to my vehicles in the past at my current address, and lately my neighbor has been dealing with it as well. About 2 weeks ago his car was keyed, this week someone tried to egg it. We have a few ideas of whos doing it..... but whats the best way to approach this? Buy some sort of camera system? Stay up all night watching your car? This sucks. It got bad enough that I changed my insurance deductible to $0 for comprehensive. I moved to the burbs, when I lived in the city no one EVER touched my car, not even a little bit, out here these kids are trying to prove something, one day I'll catch them in the act and end up getting myself arrested.

    Sorry, but I just get so frustrated at stupid BS like this, the kid next door can't even afford to pay his deductible, seems money is tight for everyone these days, and things like this just don't help.


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    Here are a few ideas:
    **JOGGER PANIC ALARM- secure it about 18 inches off the ground and use fishing line as a tripwire. It will notify you and other residents while providing evidence in the crininals underwear. This also works for kids sneeking in/out of the house, storage sheds and gates. just dont forget to remove the loop off of the hook before you enter

    PM me for more ideas i have a huge interest in home safety/ security


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      I would visit one of those weird spy stores or websites. Usually they have cheap cameras that can be hooked up to a computer and record whatever you want. If you pay a little bit extra you can get a camera that only records when there is movement detected. Also the motion lights work well or you can be really cheap and just post a sign that says there is a camera when there is not.


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