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Do cops take breaks?


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    I think it's technically in our contract that we get a meal break, but I've never heard anyone call out with that. Usually you're shift mates are pretty good at helping out and taking your calls if they know you just sat down to eat... but sometimes you get stuck running from the table to the car.


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      Originally posted by NYCTNT View Post
      A good cop is never hungry, bored, tired or wet.

      I noticed many of you guys were not really trained properly!


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        Thanks for the answers, I've seen some good answers and some odd answers.

        Appreciate the responses im being given


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          Yeah, we used to request permission, until a SGT realized that we know when we are busy and dispatchers are a county agency, not a part of our department, so they don't dictate our rules.
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            Originally posted by JPGT_00 View Post
            You have to get approved by your comm center to take a break WHATTTTTT.

            Dispatch I will be (out of service) to eat.

            Negative prepare to copy.
            Ya I can make descisions about lethal force, law, settle disputes that are so convaluded I get a headache yet I am not capable of deciding when its a good time to eat....gotta love being micro-managed.....
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              What are breaks?

              We have a 2200 member department here, and in the summer, while Joe and John continuously shoot at eachother, even though our contract says we're supposed to get one, we don't.

              If our dispatcher deems it too busy to take a break, we don't get one. They can't deny us a bathroom break, but in the wintertime, in the past, I've gone 30 minutes without an assignment, and that was the longest.

              This is how police officers master the art of mulit tasking.

              Driving, grabbing things in the squad (radio dials people!) talking on a radio, listening, watching, eating, and drinking, all at the same time.

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