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    What do you excerise wise daily. I keep hearing about 5 mile runs, is that a daily run? Or is that a test?

    Also if its a test, are you timed? Or you just have to finish?

    Can anyone explain to me what the routine etc in the academy, im just trying to prepare now for when in 2 years I go for the academy

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    These are the recommendations for candidates applying for the California Highway Patrol Academy:

    Physical Training

    This is the most challenging phase of training for most cadets. You will need to report for training prepared for a strenuous conditioning program. The Physical Training (PT) Staff will motivate you to push your body to its limits and beyond. You will be expected to pass a variety of Physical Fitness Tests and the Physical Performance Program Test.

    To prepare yourself, you should be involved in some form of strength training program. A circuit training program is advisable. You should also be running at least 3 miles, 3 times a week, at a 9-minute-per-mile pace. You should also be able to perform 50 sit-ups, 50 push-ups and 4 pull-ups prior to reporting to the Academy. This will ensure that you meet the minimum acceptable level for incoming cadets.
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      I am actually looking to go for the Florida Highway Patrol. Im going to work on being able to run each mile atleast 9minutes per.

      Any other tips


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