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differences in hiring standards


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  • differences in hiring standards

    Ive been reading police forums for awhile and Ive been noticing while some are about how hard is it to get hired as a cop some others are saying some departments will hire just about anyone.
    For instance in CA where Im at most departments will make you go through a long poly, background and interview process and go through your entire life history. However Ive heard in some other states theyll just run your name and as long as the computer says you havent been arrested your hired within a few weeks. And then I heard East St Louis PD was hiring recruits with warrants.
    So why the big differences in standards???

    And if Im thinking about being a police officer and I have a BA and haven't been arrested, have good credit, and no tickets but Id rather not go through a long process or jump though too many hoops can someone suggest a decent PD?

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    Why the big difference? Supply and demand. Here in NYC there is a huge supply of NYPD jobs - 38,000+ authorized strength, and they lose about 2500 a year to retirement, resignation, and other stuff. That means they need to graduate at least 2500 new cops from academy every year just to keep the size of the department constant. To graduate 2500, you need to hire more like 3500 because quite a few will wash out.

    However, demand is not so great for the job. Many people have a low opinion of cops in NYC; the pay is not commensurate with other LEO jobs in the state and neighboring states; and so on and so forth. So the NYPD can only keep their standards so high if they want to keep the department from shrinking more and more every year.

    Different story in different places. Take, say, Nassau County, where I live. Much smaller department with fewer retirements and resignations each year. Tremendous demand for the job because the pay is fantastic, among the highest in the country for an LE job. The conditions are generally better than in NYC, and people tend to like the cops a bit more out here on the Island. So, more demand for a smaller supply of jobs. Nassau County can afford to be much pickier and have higher standards.

    As for a PD...where do you live or where do you want to live? That's the most important thing. Every department has its pluses and minuses. Regarding the process, you're going to jump through hoops and go through a long process no matter where you apply. Getting an LE job is completely unlike getting a job in any other field.
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