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just wondering about co position


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  • just wondering about co position

    i never knew you had to get certified to be a CO whats the class about law,criminal justice,or what


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    I've never been thru a class like that either, but in Arkansas there are two ways to go about it.

    1. County Jailer: They have a 40 hour course called "Jail Standards" and they mostly learn how to search people and places. I think they also get some bloodborne pathogens, ethics, inmate behavior, and some defensive tactics including OC spray exposure.

    2: Correctional Officer: With the Arkansas Department of Corrections, they attend an academy that I think is five weeks, and then they go to work. I'm sure their's includes the same as the above but simply more of it. They also learn to use less than lethal weapons, and I think they qualify with rifles and shotguns. I'm guessing there's some criminal law involved too. I do remember a guy telling me once that part of his training included them being locked up in solitary to see how they'd react. He basically said he wigged out from it.

    Like I say, I've never been to any of it. I've only spoken to people that have. Once when I was working at the sheriff's office I found a binder that had the training materials for a female jailer and glanced thru it thus picking up a little from that.


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      Texas County Corrections is a 96 hour course. Here's the segments:
      01. History & Jail Concepts
      02. Ethics
      03. Human Relations
      04. Cultural Awareness and Civil Rights
      05. Sexual Harassment
      06. Officer Stress
      07. Booking & Orientation
      08. Admission Documents and Procedures
      09. Searches
      10. Inventory
      11. Identification Procedures
      12. Inmate Money Account
      13. Issuance of Inmate Supplies
      14. Classification of Inmates
      15. Suicide Screening & Prevention
      16. Mental Impairments
      17. Health Records
      18. Inmate Health Services
      19. Communicable Diseases
      20. Legal Aspects of Use of Force
      21. Basic Defensive Tactics
      22. Uncooperative-Violent Inmates
      23. Disruptive Groups
      24. Inmate's Rights
      25. Inmate Discipline
      26. Grievances
      27. Liability
      28. Activities
      29. Foodservice
      30. Inmate Visitation
      31. Inmate Correspondence
      32. Headcounts
      33. Facility Security
      34. Hostage Situations
      35. Emergency Procedures
      36. Inmate Transportation
      37. Investigation
      38. Report Writing
      39. Courtroom Demeanor & Testimony
      40. Release

      The textbook is here: http://www.tcleose.state.tx.us/Guide.../BCCC_1-05.zip
      Let your watchword be duty, and know no other talisman of success than labor. Let honor be your guiding star in your dealing with your superiors, with your fellows, with all. Be as true to a trust reposed as the needle to the pole. Stand by the right even to the sacrifice of life itself, and learn that death is preferable to dishonor. ~ Gov. Richard Coke, October 4, 1876


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