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Opinions and comments needed...I am being deployed


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  • Opinions and comments needed...I am being deployed

    Not really sure if this is where I need to post this but I wanted some input from a law enforcement officer's view. A little about me. I am 23 years old, been in the Army National Guard for a little over 6 years now serving as an MP. I should already have a 2 year degree but wasn't really sure till I was older what I wanted to do and now I do, and that become a cop. I just started my criminal justice degree program early this spring and I was enrolled in the fall BLET academy at Pitt Community College. About 2 weeks before I was suppose to start I was called up to be deployed again in which case I had to drop the course b/c I would miss too many days right at the start. My questions is for when I get back. We should be back somewhere around spring of 2010 and for those who were in my shoes, would you go ahead and enroll in BLET for that fall or would you just go to school full time and get the 2 year degree knocked out. I will be 26 years old when I graduate BLET if I do it that fall class when I get back and I feel like that's not old but I dont wanna wait too long before I can get my law enforcement career started. Sorry for the rambling if I did. And thanks for any guidance.


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    I would take the time to save as much money as you can, perhaps using the 10% SDP (savings account) provided by the G to deployed troops.

    Find out if your State NG allows you a tuition break at any 4 year college in your home state (separate from the GI Bill, which you can still use) and then when the spring rolls around, I would apply online. With some luck you'd be back in the US by fall '09 and you could start school.

    Get a 4 year degree, and in any field but criminal justice.

    ETA - just reread your post about your expected redeployment date. Spring '10 ... seems like a long time but the same plan applies amigo; you'll find it much easier to get the degree before you start having to worry about kids/family/regular work/etc., etc. So you get back in March of '10 ... you'll have 30 days of terminal leave, a good size bank account, and tricare for 3 months, before you start up college in the fall.

    It's a good position to be in - law enforcement can wait. Transfer the junior college credits (if you can) into the 4 year school, work hard, sit on your $$ as much as you can, and you'll be ahead of 90% of undergrads when you finish. 25 isn't old at all, and 28-30 is the best age to start 'copping'
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      Don't worry about the age thingy.

      My son FINALLY graduated from college at 29. He now enjoys a triple digit annual income (obviously NOT in Law Enforcement).

      It's never too late to start a career. Getting the education is more important then WHEN you get it.

      Good luck with the deployment, and whatever decision you make.

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        I dont know about Iraq/Afgan. But check with you're Education officer/NCO.

        I know in Vietnam the Univ of Maryland had a program where they had college classes for deployed soldiers. Of course it depends on where you are and what your duties are. It wouldnt have worked for me, I was infantry. I had a friend's who was an infantry officer but his job in Vietnam was teaching Alg. for the UofMaryland.

        But like others said, ITS NEVER TO LATE TO GET AN EDUCATION.

        Shoot, I'm retired, from LEO and Military, at 61 I still take college classes.


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          I'd get on a department as soon as you can and if that means signing up for the academy first, that's what I'd do. Then get a job with a department where you can BUY YOUR MILITARY TIME, or at least some of it. And then go to school while you're working, hopefully at a department with tuition reimbursement. The sooner you hire on, the sooner you can retire. That may not be important to you now, but trust me......


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            Thanks everyone for the comments and thanks for the nice gesture's. I believe what I am gonna do is go ahead and try and get on somewhere and try to work on it while I am with someone. I know it will take a little longer but I will be employed. Another question is: I got my hands on some BLET books that a friend of mine had b/c he had to drop out for medical reasons. And I am gonna take them with me while I am gone and look over some stuff so I will have a good idea about what to expect as far as the academics. Is the one area that I need to study, and study more than others that are usually tougher to remember come text time? Thanks,


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              I'd probably concentrate on the criminal law stuff, but really, take a look at your average cop. Despite all the hooplah, most academies are really made to advance the lowest common denominator and even the "elite" ones pretty much advance the "average common denominator".

              So if you've got it together at all, I'd worry more about keeping your *** out of trouble overseas than getting in a bunch of advance studying for a police academy.


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                Several of the guys I'm deployed with are attending online courses (I can't remember the name of the college, but they found it through AKO). We stay busy here, but they have plenty of down time to get their course work done. So that's a thought. Don't know what kind of schedule you'll have here as an MP, but I believe the ones on my FOB actually work a regular shift. Also, if you want to continue college after you get back, look into the 9/11 GI Bill (it is supposed to go into effect in '09, and you can benefit from it since you'll have been deployed) .
                Is this your first deployment? If you've got any questions relating to being deployed PM me, I'll try to help.
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