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    Okay guys its the time in the academy where we pick our vests. Luckily our dept. pays for our vests for the most part. We get 4 choices: Safariland, ABA, PACA, and GatorHawk. I'v been looking and I really like the new Safariland Mantis with the Impac S.T. armor plate. We also get to pick between II and IIIA. I hear all these other guys say "why not get the IIIA since its about the same weight and of no cost to myself over the II" but I talk to the veterans and they say I would be changing back to the II if I did go with the IIIA. Just wanted to know what you guys thought about the vest options and whether or not to go with II or IIIA.
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    I use IIIA, the older IIIA's like back in the late 80's (what I used to use for security as a second hand-me down) really restricted me.
    The ones they make now aren't even close, are more lighter and comfortable.

    Definitely use IIIA.


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      Go with a IIIA. Just look at the ballistic reports on the II and its kinda obvious. Plus the weight ratio is almost identical. I have a IIIA and its about a year old and I love it.


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        If you only expect to be shot at with smaller caliber pistols get the II...

        All kidding aside, the difference in weight and mobility between II and IIIa on the modern quality vests is negligible. Go with the better protection to start, when you become a crusty guy and decide you don't need that crap then you can downgrade if you want.
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          Because you can chose either at no cost I guess that makes it a more difficult decision. My dept issues a level II and some pay out of pocket when ordering there vests to get a IIIA instead. Personnaly I stick with the level II armor. I haven't compared recently but the last time I looked the rounds that will be stopped by a IIIA but will penetrate a II are not very common. To me the odds of being shot in the vest with an obscure round that can penetrate the II but not the IIIA have not outweighed the comfort factor of a few extra layers of Kevlar and the extra out of pocket cost to me.
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