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  • Front license plate

    Here in Ontario front license plates are required on all vehicles, or so I thought. Somebody told me that as long as the front plate is somewhere inside the vehicle, it's completely legal. Is this true? I see lots of ricer kids putting them in their windshields or behind mesh in their "body kits" making them barely visible. If the car is otherwise legal, has a plate visible on the back with a valid sticker etc. does the front plate have to be mounted on the front bumper or can I keep it in the glove box? If not, what would the fine be for this? Thanks.

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    I am certain if you do a little research through your local DMV you will locate the exact section of Canadian Motor Vehicle laws that pertains; however, in the interim, I have located this for you:

    ...British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Ontario, require the license plates to be mounted on both the front and rear of the vehicle. Dealership plate frames or custom plate frames are allowed as long as the frame does not obstruct view of validation stickers or district. Neon light plate frames are generally illegal, but have been known to be tolerated by most law enforcement, they are sold as off-road-use because they distract drivers' attention from brake lights.
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      Generally in American laws, and I'm sure the Canadian versions are very similar, that the plate has to be securely mounted and being placed in a windshield is not a secure place.

      Avoid the trouble and mount it on the bumper where it belongs. The fine is probably minimal(less than $150) and depending on how they do business in Ontario they might just give you a 'fix-it' ticket where if you correct the problem there is no fine.


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