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  • drug test question

    I've always wondered, if you're around people smoking pot, could 2nd hand smoke make you fail a drug test, and can being around it get in your hair that would make you fail a hair drug test? I'm not taking a drug test anytime soon but i've always wondered because if i did have to take one, i went to 2 concerts in the past month and alot of people were smoking pot there

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    2nd hand smoke is rare on a test because its measured in parts per million which gives some leaway but it is possible as for the hair, take a bath i think youll be ok.. you might want to try and keep away from things like that
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      Really? You should not be around people smoking pot in the first place and what kind of concerts do you attend? Here is my professional answer, I agree with C-15


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        Most hair drug tests (DOLE, etc.) are extremely sensitive. The techs interpreting the results can see the difference between you smoking weed and you just being around it. If just being around weed was enough to make me pop on a DOLE, I'd be fired already...in the housing developments where I work you smell weed in almost every hallway on a daily basis. I'm surprised I don't catch a contact high just from being there.
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