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  • Officers working Dispatch

    We have a mandatory 2 dispatchers must be on duty at all times rule..If one dispatcher should call off they will break up a 2 man car or one of the useless foot patrol assignments and assign one of them to work the dispatch center as overtime is forboten..Do any other departments have such a rule??

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    Officers should be made to sit dispatch at least once in awhile, so they can see what it entails and what it is like to be on the other side of the radio. I personally did it for almost 4 years prior to hitting the streets. You can tell the officers that dispatched. They are louder and clearer on the radio. Much more patient and understand when the dispatcher is overwhelmed.
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      Yup.....our dispatch is set up a little different than most....we have our main dispatch center (SCC) that is staffed with civilian dispatchers and a couple of sworn supervisors......they will not send patrol deputies up there to work on a normal basis......

      Then we have the station level dispatch centers (which you will talk to of you call any of the stations, or dial 911 in the stations area)....they will have at least one sworn supervisor, and then 2-3 others assigned there, which could be either civilian or sworn. If someone calls in sick, then they will pull someone from the field to work the desk.
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        We routinely cover for sick days in dispatch and even get scheduled in for over time. The dispatchers get priority but if we take the initiative to learn how to do the job they will let us get a little OT in the box. I like it because it is a change in pace, and I can do it even when I'm tired with out worrying I am going to get caught on a big call and stuck over.


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          At my department it is not out of the ordinary to find a sworn officer working the desk instead of a dispatcher. On the over night shift an officer is at the desk. It just works out so much better in my opinion just because the officer knows what other officers want and what information to gain. I think it works better and offers the officers a break from the road.


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            We try very hard to cover dispatch vacancies with dispatchers, however we do have some officers who are dispatch certified and fill in from time to time.


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