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  • Iron or dry clean?


    Do you iron or dry clean your uniforms? Which do you find more comfortable or do you not notice a difference? Those that wear traditional type pants it seems like it's a must to dry clean, correct?

    Thanks, in advance, to all that reply!
    Dry clean only!
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    Neither(wash and wear).

    The poll is expired.

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    I dry clean all my uniforms. We use the 5.11 Class B uniforms (pants with cargo pockets). I think that it just makes them look better.


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      my dept. pays for dry cleaning so I don't bother with ironing


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        Policy requires dry cleaning.
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          We wear the 5.11 tacticals for patrol. I don't waist my money on dry cleaning when it takes five minutes to iron them out. My court uniform, poly with the pants stripe and sgt stripes on sleave are dry cleaned.


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            Wool [email protected] $100 Wool [email protected] $150 = dry clean only
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              I wash and press them myself because I HATE HATE HATE it when the cleaners puts a double crease in my pants. OMG that ticks me off!!!!!! The only work I'll get done professionally is patch sewing, embroidery, and alterations. I get my shirts tapered.


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                I dropped off all my uniforms (except one) two weeks ago because I was going back to patrol and they'd been balled up in the closet for two years.

                I thought it would be nice to get the wrinkles out and all that.

                Two weeks later they're still "not back". WTF? From where? China?

                I'm not usually a dry-cleaning kind of guy but I figured it wasn't that complicated.

                If I ever see them again I'm going to stick with wash and wear. If they look like crap oh-well.

                Meanwhile, I smell, and the one I have left is getting some serious mileage put on it.
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                By the way.. They aren't "Clients" or "Customers" they're CRIMINALS... sheesh


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                  Originally posted by deputy x 2 View Post
                  Wool [email protected] $100 Wool [email protected] $150 = dry clean only
                  And I thought we were the only department to wear wool. P.S. Tropical weight is still freakin hot.
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                    Originally posted by MPDCjock View Post
                    ......Do you iron or dry clean your uniforms? Which do you find more comfortable or do you not notice a difference? Those that wear traditional type pants it seems like it's a must to dry clean, correct?......
                    My answer depends on whether you're single or married/ de-facto. When I was single, and had disposable income I worked on the theory that if a uniform needed ironing, I would have it dry cleaned as I hated ironing.

                    Now that I'm married, have children, a mortgage, and my spending priorities have changed, I very rarely have my uniforms dry cleaned - I still hate ironing.

                    At the risk of stirring the pot, I will not allow my wife to iron my uniforms as she, like a lot of women, can't iron a uniform to the standard required. The only women that I know who are able to iron a uniform are those who are ex or serving military personnel or those who are LEOs
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                      My girlfriend irons to the standard required to be inspection ready for my police department.

                      I'm lucky!


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                        Originally posted by ray8285 View Post
                        Policy requires dry cleaning.

                        us too......


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                          Dry clean. I want those creases sharp enough to cut steak. I just switched cleaners because the place I was going to for almost 20 years started putting railroad tracks on the pants and put the shirt creases off center. They got two chances to do it right, then I switched. Those creases have to be exactly down the center of the button on the pockets, and perfectly centered on the shoulder patches or they won't get my business.
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                              I just throw my stuff in the washer and dryer. Never had any problems, still looks pressed. Sometimes I add starch, most times just simply wash and wear.

                              Normally, my short sleeves I wash, my winter uniform I dry clean...dunno, just do.
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