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    Just handhelds here. Fits right where ashtray was in the CV. The Det's cars don't even have MDT's in them. We have no ability to talk to any surrounding suburbs, PD's on the handhelds. What the city did some years ago, they gave each surrounding burb, railroad PD's, universities a city handheld for them to have in their station to monitor Chicago. Some answer up, some only answer when they do daily radio checks at 1000 hrs. If I'm out of the city on an investigation and need help, better hope my cell phone is charged....

    And yes, an agency I worked for in the early 80's had just in car, no handhelds. Then they bought from a low bidder and we got GE converta-coms, which were pieces of garbage, (the one where the handheld goes into the box in the car, better range, charged the handheld and you can use the in car mike).


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      Originally posted by DACP View Post
      Any one here project 25 compliant?
      Yes, at least for the Southern part of the Province. We have 3 different radio systems in this Province for my Force, not counting fully encrypted secret-squirrel stuff (Damn! I can hear the "blackbirds" coming for me now!!):

      - Far North: a private mobile radio system that is about 20 years old;

      - Central: a 150 mhz range (?) system that is about 35 years old that was piggy-backed onto a 800 mhz system owned by the phone company in 1996;

      - South: P25 system, about 2 years old and growing.

      The Central system, when still in use in the South, was a real pain, in that we were constantly getting "skip" from Missoula, MT public works on the channel we used around here! Man, that culvert by the Wal-Mart was ALWAYS being repaired!

      The Central system, as well as all 800 mghz-only systems, HAVE to be replaced ASAP as the phone company is ditching that system by Christmas 2008 or 2009. Apparently the 800 mhz system was NEVER intended to cover this wide a geographical area. Hopefully all Municipal PS & FS, Provincial LE Agencies, District EMS and Provincial Utilities and Emergency Management Agencies will come on-board with the P25 system in the next year or so, as we can NOT communicate with these other Agencies, or the 911 Centre, except by cell phone, but can use our MWS to send messages to the Municipal PS and Provincial Conservation Officer / Commercial Transport Officer dispatchers terminals.

      I like the P25 system - the radios have a "memory" to be able to display the radio call sign of the mobile and portable radios that the caller is using, but not large enough to handle ALL current radio call signs unfortunately.

      My Force is also SLOWLY rolling-out a CAD / MWS system that will augment the P25 system, either piggy-backing data on voice or continue using cell modems as my Unit's vehicles currently use.
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        Both... Use the car radio (aka "Big Radio") in the car (gasp) and the portable (aka "Little Radio") while not in the car. The car radio has more range and is more powerful.


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          I have 2 in car radios, 800 and a low band. We also have 800 portables. (also a 400 band portable for the local depts., that stays in the car.) In the mountain area you have to use the low band, all other areas the 800 works ok. However, if im in the mountain areas, I do not have a low band portable, so youre just on your own once out of the car.


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            We went to a consolidated dispatch center about one year ago. It is terrible. We have a MDT that may or may not work. We have a hand held radio only. No backup radio what so ever!! I think a hand hand held radio might be ok in a place where you have a lot of cops working. For the most part we are a rural county with no close backup. If our battery goes dead or the radio is damaged in a scuffle-we have nothing.

            We also have an entire county on ONE CHANNEL!!! How do you think that works out? Yep you guessed right.

            We got screwed big time on this deal we have. Everyone hates it.
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