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L.A.S.D. Pre-Academy Study advise


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  • L.A.S.D. Pre-Academy Study advise

    I was wondering if any one might now where I can obtain definitions for basic law terms (ie.) Burglary, theft, robbery, ect... I was advised to study up on the basic defenitions before attending the Academy. Can you recommended any where or anything that may help? Or any other advise you may have for some one like myself who will soon be attending the Academy? Thanks!

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    The definitions that you are looking for are in the CA penal code......dont get the little 'quick code' flip version of the CPC though, as I am not sure if it has the full definitions or not.......

    Borders or Barnes and Noble should have them
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      Watch the academy and you'll be fine.
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        Take a look here:

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          Get the "unabridged" Penal Code for CA. Check amazon for a copy and make sure you order the most up to date version.

          Everything you want to know about the law is in there. I believe the unabridged version includes the vehicle code too.


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