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I Feel Like I Should Know More. I Feel Underprepared


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  • I Feel Like I Should Know More. I Feel Underprepared

    So far in 4 days on the job (spread over a month), I have yet to do anything other than drive around the township, study the geography/roads, study the ordinances/revised code, etc. No calls, no traffic stops, etc. I work a rural area, so I know not much goes on, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anxious to do something.

    Even though I'm still green and really have no experience, I feel like I should know more. Specifically, the tactics involved. I hear stories on the news about an altercation, a dead body, a domestic, etc. and I try to go over in my head what I would do as a responding officer. I feel like, more often than not, I'm just not sure. I know that is what FTO is for, but only to a certain extent. I have to show initiative and a general understanding of what we should do if I'm going to get hired full time somewhere, make it through FTO, etc.

    I don't even know what I'm looking for here...I guess I'm just venting. Did you ever feel this way as a young pup?

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    Part time? Reserve? In FTO?
    Why not make a few stops. Write a few tickets. Contact a few people. If you are with an FTO point out a violation and ask him/her to stop the vehicle for it.
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      Have you been to BLET yet or were you sworn in before going to school?

      Stay Safe
      There are only two reasons why you did not do it the right way: 1.) You were lazy. OR 2.) You were incompetent. Now which one are you?


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        Being a cop is not always busting the bad guys, its also surpressing crime. For all you know you may have made a robber think twice about robbing the local food joint by your patrolling. If you work in a slow paced area then get out and meet the locals. I bet they have more information about the area and it's issues (crime) then some of the local cops. Once you meet them and they feel comfortable with you I bet you will get some good info to follow-up on. Other than that just stay alert and do what the good people in your area expect of you, prevent crime and enforce the law.


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          get to know the locals they will let you know whats up in the different areas around town that have problems. Just being out there on the road is a good thing also your presence makes the residents feel more safe and secure at home because of it. Don't rush it take everything easy trust me the problems will find you faster than you think.
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            I have an uncle who was a traffic supervisor for a major metro agency. His unit investigated all fatality collisions and serious accidents that might result in criminal litigation. He told me once that the way to learn how to work an accident was to work accidents. What he meant was that you would never be able to handle a large complicated collision without working the small fender benders.

            Police work in general is like this. Get your feet wet, stop some cars, make some arrests. If you never write a ticket, or arrest someone for driving under suspension how will you know what do with the armed felon transporting narcotics.

            One caveat: If you have no training, or feel like you do not have the fundamentals of officer safety then find someone to help you and seek further training.
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