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  • Off Duty Carry ?

    I was wondering how often LEOs are armed off duty? Also, how often do you guys draw your weapons off duty, and is there some regulation that states you must carry ID if you carry your weapon? It seems like I know several cops and have never seen them armed off duty so I was wondering.


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    Just because you do not see it does not mean it is not there...Remember what assuming things does to one...Yes an id and badge are required when carrying off duty.


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      Gun concealed, Dept. Credentials buried behind my Lowes card in my wallet. Good to go. No badge required.
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        Gun hidden, ID card in my wallet (hidden), and badge worn on me (also hidden). You cant even tell I'm armed.
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          To answer your question, most states do not have specific type laws cocerning wheter an officer carries off duty or not to include with or without credentials, just that L.E may carry off duty..However, most departments do have General Orders or SOP that requires Officers who carry off duty to carry credentials as well..I always carry conceald and it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm L.E...I would get my concealed permit even if I got out of L.E.. always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it...
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            Originally posted by scvideoguy View Post
            I was wondering how often LEOs are armed off duty? Also, how often do you guys draw your weapons off duty, and is there some regulation that states you must carry ID if you carry your weapon? It seems like I know several cops and have never seen them armed off duty so I was wondering.

            That's the idea.
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              If we carry our creds with us, then we are also required to be armed.....

              Heres why;


              Just because you dont see the weapon, doenst mean there isnt one....or two.....

              I carry 100% of the time off duty.....
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                ID and badge required, but Im not carrying a badge with me off duty.


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                  I'm required to carry ID at all times (by the department). I actually don't have to carry police ID to be armed. I live in a State that believes all the Amendments to the Constitution still apply.


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                    I carry 99.9% of the time off duty. That .1% is the time I screw up and forget to bring my BUG with me. Happens maybe once a year. I feel named without it. I've been carrying since I was 21 years old. And you will not be able to tell if I am carrying, even if you brush against me. It's an ancient redneck secret. ;p
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                      I carry 100% of the time and like Nightshift va, it wouldn't matter if I was LE or not. I do have my concealed license and have had one since I was about 22 years old in whatever state I lived in. I carry my commission, but never my badge out of uniform. There is no department policy on carrying off duty other than you can. Proper carry will never be noticed unless you have a trained eye and then it will be difficult to determine unless someone is carrying a cannon. To date, I have never had to draw my weapon while carrying concealed. I am pretty good with verbal judo that's got me out of a couple iffy situations, but (knock on wood), been ok so far.


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                        Our department policy was a Shall Carry Off duty. How ever I was neglectiful too many times until I got bit.

                        Background, 1. we had take home cars. 2. I was on the bomb squad and carried equipment in my car for use in EOD. 3. I was also in the NG and ran the Marksmanship Unit so offen carried NGMTU in the trunk.

                        Now back to the story, I was at a dinner party and got paged out on an EOD call, while responding I was advise the call was referance a Drug Raid where Explosives and Booby traps may be involved along with armed bad guys.

                        I realized I didnt have a weapon with me. I stopped and ramsacked my trunk hoping I left a pistol in there from the NGMTU. I found one, I went on this gun raid with a Smith Model 18 22 cal and 2 (TWO) 22 rounds.

                        After that I kept an extra service revolver & ammoocked in my glove box wheather or not I was carrying.

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                          I only carry when I leave out of the town I live in, IE when I go to Los Angeles where I am from, Lake Havasu or down to Q Town where I work. I live on a reservation. I dont feel the need to cary around here. Now anywhere else I feel naked if it is not with me in my truck or on me. The only people that know I am carrying is the people I go out with, and half the time I have to tell them because they did not even see me put it on.
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                            Damn skippy I carry off duty. Neatly tucked into my glove compartment....conveniently on top of my registration.

                            Of course telling him/her waaaay before going in there...."Why yes, there IS a reason for that to be there officer. Funny you should ask."
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                              Our agency doesn't require it and they don't discourage it, so I do. Usually my duty H&K and always creds and badge.
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