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    Sorry, grump, have no idea what you said.
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    Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.
    Happiness never decreases by being shared. -- Buddhist quotation
    A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. -- Proverbs 15:1


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      UPDATE: The 911 call I didn't make

      The 911 call I didn't make

      Ok, before you go on reading, ask yourself: do you want to hear this story or not? If not, then stop right now. If you keep reading, don't complain about my wasting your time.

      Last night around 11 pm or so I heard a lot of shouting on the street outside, with the F-word tossed in about every fourth word. I looked out the window, phone in hand, watching to see what would happen. I don't like to call unless it looks like the verbal fight could erupt into physical violence.

      I saw a young man, most likely in his 20s or early 30s, outside of a very expensive-looking car with several people inside. He kept swearing at them. "F-you I can say anything I want. F-you nobody listens. F-you. F-you," etc. Then he started walking away in a huff.

      A couple of people from inside of the car got out. Concerned that they were going to start swinging, I punched 9, then 1, then 1 and was about to hit "talk" when I heard those people speaking in soft voices and making conciliatory gestures. Ok, I decided this was a "wait and see" situation, and I cancelled the dial. From the tone of their voices and their body language it seemed pretty clear no guns would go off.

      Still, he was shouting. I couldn't hear what his antagonists were saying, but I could figure it from his answers. He said he didn't care about the police surveillance camera down the street, to which they kept pointing. He didn't care is because he's on the side of the PD, he said. He didn't care because he doesn't break the law.

      He said, "I know why those cameras are here. I know what you are doing, and it's wrong!" He had a right to speak his opinion and a right to be heard.

      I originally figured him to be the trouble-maker, but it turns out he was actually the decent one. Apparently this gentleman is from out-of-state, and he was visiting family down the street. At some point he expressed his opinion about drug dealing as a means of making a living. They weren't happy with what he said.

      Among the people who had gathered on the corner were several of the young men I had suspected to be involved in the drug business here.

      Ultimately the man stopped shouting but he would not get into the car. He turned down the street and just kept walking. The car followed him, but soon they were out of sight.

      I got two things out of this incident. One is confirmation of my suspicions about who is involved in the business. The other is affirmation that even drug dealers have decent, honest family members.

      Of course, as he said, he "would never be a snitch." So he's not going to report his family to the police. While one would wish otherwise, it's understandable. One's ties to one's family are hard to break.

      Meanwhile, business across the street has died down to a slow trickle.

      Night before last my street friend Wanda asked me for another ride home. She was across the street, sitting alone on the porch of the property in question. Wanda's sister lives in the other side of the building, a side-by-side duplex, so she's over there a lot.

      Earlier in the evening someone had tossed a big glass bottle into the street, and it shattered right in an area that anyone making a right turn would have to drive over. Because of the heavy traffic on the street, I decided not to try to clean it up myself, as I didn't want to get run over. So I called 311 -- our "one call to city hall" number. Lo and behold, a half hour later environmental services was out to sweep it up. Quite honestly, I was shocked that they came out so quickly. I wasn't expecting them until at least the next day.

      Meanwhile, of course, several cars had run over the glass. I have no idea how many (if any) tires ended up with slow leaks from punctures. Maybe they all had really good, puncture-resistant tires. Who knows. Regardless, the glass was a hazard.

      I was out talking to the environmental services guy when Wanda called me over. At first I was confused because I thought it was the drug-dealing woman I've complained about who was calling my name. Then I realized who it was, and I walked over to find out what she wanted.

      Just as I did so, the tenants on that side of the building drove up. Wanda explained to me what she needed. I hesitated a bit (Wanda is already in to me for $50+ borrowed dollars, and I had stopped doing things for her, knowing I'd never see a penny of it), but decided I could possibly get information from her, so why not. Told Wanda I needed to get my keys and wallet, and I would be back.

      While we were in the car I let Wanda go on for a bit about her problems, gave her a few pointers, and then asked her if she knew the people living next door to her sister.

      "Yeah, I be knowing them a long time," she said.

      I know I can't pump her or she will freeze up and won't say a thing. So I left it to her to take it whatever direction she wanted.

      Wanda said, "She was mad at me for talking to you. She asked me, what was that lady doing over here?

      "I said I ASKED her over. I told her 'She's giving me a ride. Miss [name] is a good person. She helps me out a lot. She don't bother nobody. You don't bother her, she won't bother you'."

      Wanda went on with that, saying the same thing different ways. Don't know if she was saying that because that's what she did in fact tell the other woman, or whether she was saying it because she thought it was what I wanted to hear. Or both.

      Probably both. Wanda depends on me for occasional good deeds and giving this woman a reason to go after me could mean she'd lose her benefactor. She also has to keep her benefactor happy with her.

      Anyway, I grinned just imagining her saying that to this woman, who no doubt suspects me of being the one causing her trouble, since, after all, I am often out on my porch observing everybody.

      I love front porches.

      Tonight is our bike patrol. That will give me a chance to talk to the Sector LT and the CPO about what's going on, to the extent they can tell me.
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      Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.
      Happiness never decreases by being shared. -- Buddhist quotation
      A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. -- Proverbs 15:1


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