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Roadside accidents


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  • Roadside accidents

    Just wondering:

    Has there been an explanation as to why so many accidents occur, that involve a motorist striking the side or rear end of a cruiser that has made a traffic stop...?

    I guess I am at a loss to understand why people do not slow down, give way, or avoid the road's shoulder. I understand that a fair number of the drivers are intoxicated, but...
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    Drunks tend to hone in on flashing lights. Even sober people tend to stare at strobes like lighting-dumb cattle.


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      One scientific study found the cause to be rectal cranial inversion......
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        It's not just patrol cars - its any vehicle parked on the shoulder or center divider. Aside from those who are under the influence, there are a number of drivers who are just inattentive and drift from lane to lane or off the road. They may be changing radio stations at the time, or applying makeup, looking at a map, hollering at their kids, or just lost in thought about something and the next thing you know, they have drifted into a stationary object. It doesn't happen that often but it happens just enough and with deadly results that in my neck of the woods, we tell occupants of a disabled car to remain inside and seatbelt themselves in, or of they are on the right shoulder, to get out and stand way behind the guard rail for safety.
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