I just got a phone call from a dear friend of mine. She has four daughters and the oldest is 12. (The next ages are 4 year old twins and a 3 year old.)

Her husband is in Texas at school right now (military) and she can't talk to him because she knows if he does, he will tell the military where to go, become AWOL, come home, and wind up in jail.

Her 15 year old nephew has been messing around with her 12 year old. She has not approached her brother and SIL yet, but will tomorrow. She is taking her daughter to the doctor tomorrow morning to get her checked out.

She is afraid to go to the police because she does not want her daughter any more traumatized than she already is and also wants to shield the younger ones from what is happening.

What is the normal police procedure for these situations? How do the police handle it wrt the child, other children the parents, etc? How much emotional protection is there for the child?