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Shin Splints, anyone get them?


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  • Shin Splints, anyone get them?

    I've started jogging for the first time in years, and I have whats called shin splints. I started a excercise plan to get me ready if and when I get accepted into an academy.Anyone experience this, if so how did you overcome it.

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    Will PM this.
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      I had to deal with this while I was in the Corps. If you know anything about the Corps, you know that running is an almost daily ritual, at least 3 miles, usually more. Anyway, I never really overcame it, but the more I ran the less it hurt. I had to build up slowly, make sure not to bounce in my stride and wear good running shoes. I don't know if you want to start running as a regular habit, but it's great exercise, of course, and will help you out on the job. Don't go for the standard Nike/Reeboks. Really good running shoes are going to cost more than fifty bucks, and they're definitely worth it. And having a partner to run with really helps.
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        Shin Splints, anyone get them?

        NO, because that would require that I do some type of exercise...
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          I used to get them when I didn't stretch properly before running.

          When you do start getting them, STOP, and stretch. It takes a long time to heal if you keep running with them.

          If you are in the academy and can't stop running, stretch good, and then it will be gut check time until you graduate.


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            Oh god, I used to have them HORRRRRIBLE. Stopped running for 2 years. Now Im going to PT (they were that bad...).


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              I just got a new pair of New Balance running shoes, and I learned some stretching tecniques online. I hope this helps, thanks for you responses.


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                I got them when I was in jump school. Back then (1966) we ran in combat boots, no tennis shoes. The Black Hats told me to run them out. Not wanting to drop out of jump school I did. Don't know if its proper but I ran them out, and haven't had a problem since. That was a while back.


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                  I dealt with them too.

                  #1. RICE - Ice and anti-inflammatories (I would take 4 ibuprofin two-three times daily, same as prescription strength).

                  #2. Go to a sports doc (orthopedic specialist), he will make sure you do not have stress fractures and tell you the proper shoe to buy.

                  #3. Specialty running store (New Balances, Brooks, and Asics are usually best).

                  #4. Start SLOW with the running, walk at least a five-ten minute warm up, then stretch (especially calves), then walk couple minutes, jog couple minutes, etc., etc.

                  The Couch to 5k is an excellent running plan. Good luck!


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                    Proper running shoes are essential. A good running store in your area can examine your foot style, stride, and other things when deciding what sort of shoe you require. Everyone is different and a generic shoe won't cut it. Also, as others have said, proper stretching is a key for avoiding the splints.

                    What also happens is people tend to overtrain when they begin a running program. You need to work up gradually, instead of trying to overdoe it.

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                      I used to tape my shins and that would prevent them from hurting.
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                        Also, you may need orthodics. I finally got some and made a big difference.


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                          I have had them in the past and I had them worst when running on a treadmill. When I run on the road I don't get them as bad. However echoing what has previously been said I bought a better pair of shoes (saucony) and started working out alot more with calf exercises to help stretch out more. I don't get them as badly now.
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                            Im 6ft 230 lbs and a powerlifter - getting into LEO - and of course Running... I bought a good Pair of Asics - they will run you about 100 but so worth it for shin splints and your knees will loved you for it.
                            try to get some strength in the front muscle of your calves -
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                              i thought i had bad shin splints but turned out to be muscle compartmentilization (or however you spell it) and had to have surgery. If you want to know more let me know
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