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    Anyone been to the three day Interview and Interrogation class? If so, did you like it and was it worth the cost? I'm looking at going to this class, paying for it myself () so I'm trying to see if anyone has been and thought it was worth the $$. Thanks.
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    I highly recommend this class!!

    money well spent.
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      Went to it for In-Sevice. Pretty good, pretty knowledgeable instructor. A lot of it is reading body language. If you can use the techniques on a regular basis, it's not bad...You leave it thinking you can get a statement from anyone..


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        It's an outstanding program. Well worth the time of attending, worth the price of buying the book and the effort of practicing the techniques taught. It will vastly increase your ability to recognize when people are telling the truth or being deceptive and the number of verifiable admissions/confessions will increase significantly.
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          I've been to the basic and the advanced (paid for by my agency). If you interview/interrogate extensively as a part of your job, I highly recommend the course. I've successfully used it as a tool in some of my interrogations.


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            I just went through it in November, paid for by my agency. The class was well worth what they paid for it. My skills are way sharper than they were.
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              I'm excited to go now after hearing the good reviews. As a matter of fact, I start the 3-day REID course held here in Michigan tomorrow morning.


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                i have been to the seminar. our department sent us.

                there are books available to gain a little insight before attending.

                a little experience in the box helps before attending these classes, but is not necessary.

                take notes, and ask questions. the instructors are very well versed in the techniques.
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                  The best interogator/interviewer I ever knew, was a Reid fanatic, and took every course he could get from them. His confession rate was just unbelievable, and I once watched him crack a serial killer in five minutes, who had been interviewed on and off for two days by several detectives without giving an inch. I still think about that interview tweny years later and how amazed I was at the time.

                  Around the same time, we sent two child abuse victim witness coordinators to one of his seminars and they both started getting confessions from people who weren't even initally suspects, with no other law enforcement training.

                  I have had some kinesics courses, but never got a chance to take some from Reid. Do it.


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                    I'm glad you asked this question. I've been considering the course as well, but the $$ is a little daunting.


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                      I've got to the four day Reid and the one that Stan "The Lie Guy" put on....

                      Both very, very good classes and I would highly recommend them both to anyone that wants to get better I&I skills....


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                        I just finished the 3 day basic course, and the 1 day advanced REID course today. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their interview and interrogation skills.

                        The REID method is a system that any investigator (experienced or not) can use to his or her full advantage. The REID method is simply a system of behavior provoking questions to help you gauge whether or not your subject is being truthful or deceitful. Once you gauge your subject then you can move into the interrogation using another system of questions. I know some of my classmates had their doubts about this method, but I bought into the system completely.

                        After watching numerous videos of actual interviews, conducted by different interviewers on a variety of crimes, this method is phenomenal. Each interviewer asked the same series of questions, and approached each subject the same. Ultimately, once you've got the REID method down you can go into any interview and interrogation with confidence and achieve your goal many more times than not.


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                          now that you completed the course...

                          look into how the technique can be defeated. a savvy perp can pick up on the direction pretty quickly. if you maintain control, and keep the subject open to you, then you will do fine. that is why behavioral analysis comes into play. the interview, and direct accusation also play a huge part in leading into the interrogation.

                          Reid Tech is a great base to work off of.

                          as time ticks by we lose more, and more ground in getting confessions out of people. a lot of times i am content getting people to flat out lie to me, and for them to memorialize it on paper. this way i can point out the lies later on, backed up by video, witnesses and forensic evidence.

                          have fun playing in the box.
                          Fire burns, and when it rains you get wet.
                          Stuff happens.


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                            The Reid course is great- take it.

                            I recently completed a 2 day seminar by Bechmark about reading a suspect's body language for deception/honesty. The Instructor was a great guy but spent 80% of the time telling looooong winded war stories about his past homicide investigations. He only spent 20% of our time on the material itself; a waste of time/money. Of course I told my job it was great since they paid for it.
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                              I went to the basic and advanced and loved the course. You also want to take a kinesic class as well. Reid is great but it is only one tool, the more tools in the box the better.
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