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    they call it advanced shooting

    Originally posted by 72na55 View Post
    I have completed instructor training for Rapid Deployment/Active Shooter and have found it to be the most comprehensive schools I have ever attended. I have been to 3 schools and found the concentration on patrol and not SRT and SWAT to be eye opening. Anyone else seeing an influx of this type of training since Va Tech? If you have, what do you think?
    I think our way of shooting single targets where we dont move or the target doesnt move in a no stress slow one or two rounds at a time is not the way to train because it doesnt relate to our jobs. All the active shooter and what they call advanced tactical shooting isnt advanced at all and should be a regular standard so Police Officers arent set up for failure when they get into real combat. The active shooter training and any close combat alternate target shoot and move drills should be the norm.
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      Wow, the guys were right. Hard core hands on Q.U.A.D. training. Quick-Action Deployment. Fantastic reality based training. Basically talked about using the elements you have to create 4, 5, or 6 man fire teams. 3 if it's all you got, 2 is worse but doable. Get in there and take the shooter out. Very, very good training we had put on by a Lt. from our State Police SWAT team.
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        ALERRT is what they teach our officers. Really a great course. We practice first responder every month. Dont think it costs the department for the training.



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