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    We've got out tactical shoot coming up in a few months and I'm looking for some new ideas to throw at my guys. The range we have to use is an indoor, 12 range. 6 -100yrd lanes and 6 -50yrd lanes. We've got 3d targets, shoot-don't shoot targets and such. Any ideas?

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    Use the moving techniques and shoot with the shoot no shoot targets. Try switching from rifle/shotgun to handgun. Contact and cover officer, if confident with two officers shooting at the same time. Balloons on targets. Good luck.


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      Go to www.mlefiaa.org and check out our firearms training CD. The tactical shooting course sections is 139 pages long. Total CD is 990 pages....
      Joe Picariello
      Princeton (MA) PD


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        Firearms Training

        Try www.ntoa.org www.ileeta.org


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          Try setting up two 55 gallon drums about 10 -12 feet apart from each other at 21 feet away from the targets;
          number the targets;
          have each officer walk around the drums in a figure 8 with their pistol holstered until a given number is called out;
          the officer should move laterally to cover while drawing and coming to a close high ready scanning the targets for the number, if any of the targets are marked by the number called the officer should fire 3 - 4 rounds into the target;
          if the officer has to reload before firing at least 3 rounds on target, call for a head shot as soon as the officer has completed the reload.
          The numbers should be called at varying intervals, causing the officer to turn towards the threat/potential threat while drawing their weapon coming to a close high ready and moving laterally to cover all at the same time. If the number that's been called out is not found on any of the targets, the officer should reholster and continue walking in a figure 8 around the drums.

          We live and work in a circular environment and should be able to engage a hostile threat from any quarter. We should also be training ourselves to move laterally away from the threat and towards cover. This is the method recommended at the Valhalla Training Center in Colorado for use on a conventional range.


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            im about to do a 'shooting in unusual positions' package. With your facilities i would have a point 'a', get to point 'b' (the end), follow a line from a to b, between those points have high, medium and low walls for barricade, kneeling, prone and other positions (such as laying on your back and shooting around the low wall). If you dont have a pop up target system then you can number the targets and call them out when the student is in the vicinity of cover (wall/door etc). I would add different levels of threat as well, edged weapons etc to encourage backing off etc as well as shoot threats and innocents. Encourage shooting on the move to cover. Dont be afraid to demonstrate whats required of your students during the briefing as well. Walls made of wood are ideal. you can also incorporate room/building clearance drills buy making walls with doorways/windows etc and cover them in plastic sheets. But take care in designing them for down range shooting only, unless your range is rated for varying degrees of fire. My range has a car, a building, various walls/windows/doorways and a pop up reactive double sided target system with life size photos of offenders in various levels of threat and innocents. Students are given full equipment including batons and sprays. I expect them to show proficiency in the tactics i demonstrate including tactical disengagement where possible, verbalization, correct weapon options selection and obviously hitting the targets when a shoot is required.

            Have fun!
            The officer doesn't carry his sword in vain, he's a minister of God to carry out justice. Romans 13


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