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  • Assessment center/Promotion training

    Hi guys! Anyone taken any classes or attended forums geared towards helping with the assessment center? Any you recommend? I’m based out of Colorado and looking to brush up before August!

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    I studied up on assessment centers back in the 1980's when they were becoming popular as a selection process. First thing I learned was that assessment centers were developed by the Nazi SS back in the late 1930's as a means of selecting those who were capable of absolute obedience to authority. That has changed a bit.

    Best advice I can offer is to study the recruitment materials, job posting, copy of the job description (if you can get it), comparing your education and experience to those requirements and job functions identified. This will direct you toward those areas in which you need to concentrate your preparation.

    Modern assessment centers frequently require 2 or more days to complete, usually going through multiple interviewers and committees, occasionally practical exercises (either individual or as part of a team of applicants). I doubt that it is possible to have all your ducks lined up for every stage of the process. Many of the questions and problems will not have a single correct answer, the goal being to determining the applicant's range of knowledge, ability to think critically and apply reason and logic, as well as the ability to articulate responses clearly and concisely.

    Interesting processes.


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