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Kansas Regional Police Academy


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  • Kansas Regional Police Academy

    Hey guys I Recently applied to be a police officer at the Kansas City, Mo (KCMO) Police department. I passed the written test, physical agilities test, took the polygraph, and today (04-19-2007) Ireceived a call from my background investigator to come to K.C (I currently live in St. Louis) to finish some paper work and to schedule my ride-along. Now I know that there are a few steps left before i get a job offer to attend the academy, but assuming that I get a job offer, what is the academy like? What should I expect? Also, if there are any other job applicants for KCMO out there, feel free to jump on in!
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    Originally posted by ExplorerE321
    what is the academy like? What should I expect?
    Military style, non live-in academy. Not sure if it will be live-in or not once they get the new academy built up North. So, you probably need to ask that question to your BI.....

    You are going to be doing a lot of PT/DT.....and they expect you to act accordingly when you are at the academy (like greeting Staff/other LEOs with the greeting of the day and going to parade rest when you talk to them....) and they will expect you to study your butt off learning city ordinances and state law....along with everything else you need to know.

    You will get paid a full salary during the academy (I think it's 16.00 an hour during the academy.....when you get out of the academy it goes up to 18.00 an hour.....then goes up some more when you get off of once you are off of break-in, you can work OT....which is about 27.00 an hour.....)

    Oh...and it's the Kansas CITY Regional Police Academy.....Not Kansas.....just a heads up as will get abused if you confuse MO/KS......seen it happen many a time.....


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