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Any info on fitness assessments???


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  • Any info on fitness assessments???

    Greetings to everyone. I am seeking information, I heard that there are some departments that have voluntary fitness assessments. The assessments are similar to that of performance assessments from the military with there being age/ sex brackets for times etc.
    What I have heard is that those departments that have these yearly, voluntary assessments those officers that pass get a 1% to 2% pay increase.
    I would like to see such an assessment get started at my department (Madison, WI) both for overall officer's health and longevity but also obviously for their safety as well.
    Any information out there people may have on departments with such assessments would be greatly appreciated.
    BE SAFE!

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    We have voluntary yearly fitness assessments up here at our dept.

    If you achieve that min of a 75% on your fitness test, then you get your fitness pin, and our contract states that then you are awarded 12 hours with pay off to be used that year.

    Our fitness appraisal is done by a certified officer and is based upon times and age.

    It includes a 1.5 mile run, stomach crunches, flexibility and pushups. There is another test to replace the 1.5 mile run and the rest it includes a shuttle run, and a obstacle course type of thing but I personally have never done it.

    We used to have a mandatory fitness test yearly in our contract, and that got cancelled due to health and safety reasons. Then we were able to negotiate a voluntary test into the contract. Our entire Tactical team does it as it is mandatory to be on the team and we still get the 12 hours, and usually there are a dozen or so officers outside of that who choose to do it.

    We found that the incentive of a day off with pay if you pass got guys outside of the ones who had to do it as part of the team involved.

    Hope that helps!
    Play hard, play fair, and above all play safe!


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