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CHICAGO PD Am I wasting my time?


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  • CHICAGO PD Am I wasting my time?

    I took the written test in April and now I'm in the process of training for the physical portion where we do the bench press, sit and reach, 1.5 mile run, etc. I came across a post that mentioned how Chicago PD is filled with competition and isn't looking for average, and that potential recruits should go above and beyond to pretty much have them fighting over who gets who during the recruitment process.

    With that in mind, I planed on training towards a 1.5 mile run under 10 mins. A bench press that's up to 3x my body weight ( far fetched but worth a shot), and passing the sit ups, and sit and reach with flying colors. Also obtaining my 60 credit hours while maintaining a 3.0+ GPA. If I were to achieve all of those things, would this increase my chances? Or would it not make a difference, besides bragging rights as long as I pass the minimum requirements? Would I still be placed right next to someone who passed the same test by the skin on their teeth? Or does this put me in a completely different tier as far as recruitment? All input is greatly appreciated.

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    I have no insight as far as CPD recruitment, but that sort of attitude will take you far in law enforcement and certainly wouldn't hurt in the hiring process. My GUESS is that with an agency that big you'd end up in the same pool as everyone else but those efforts might be noticed down the line.


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      I see that this post is getting views, anyone else have any input to offer? All posts are welcomed!


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        I think your answers cover your question pretty well but just for a suggestion....post questions like this in the AAC Hiring forum and you'll get more involvement I would guess. FYI, I agree with the others and suggest you apply to get the best scores you can and good luck. Hard work and effort are never a waste of time.

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      I'm in the academy now. You definitely have a good mind sight to want be the the best. As DepTroop stated, you will be in the same pool as everyone else for the 2017 test takers. Just focus on passing the initial power test. Then you will have to go through the rest of the background process. Just be patient when going through the process. It's different for everyone. It took me six months from the initial power test to get hired on the city. Keep in shape and you will do fine. Good luck!


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        I'm in the same class as jklimasara, and ditto to what he said. Good luck, bud.
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