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  • Stair Climbing

    I'm heading off to the NYSDOCS Academy and a requirement on the final physical test is to climb one flight of stairs. I've been told we cant skip steps and we might not be able to use the railing. I've always skipped steps and am in the process of relearning not to. I've gotten fairly good at going up and down stairs now without skipping but I'm not very fast and the final Physical test is timed and I want to be as quick as possible. Is there anyone with advice on how to improve my time? I practice about 10x climbing a set of 15 stairs and back again-this takes me over 10 seconds sometimes more which seems slow. My brother can do the same in about 7 seconds. I think I overthink when I'm going up the stairs and concentrate too much on each step which causes my to lose my focus and I end up screwing up. Any suggestions?

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    Steps and climbing

    Practice plyometrics and jump from the top landing to the bottom or from the bottom to the top. Wear a cape for more air time !


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      Don't think about it to much and go with it.. move those feet as fast as possible..

      We did the same thing in Football in Highschool, coach just tought us to move our feet as fast as possible up those stairs..

      plyometrics helps out alot also..

      goodluck! hope i helped


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        The cape won't hurt either. In fact, the other applicants will be jealous.
        "If all else fails, stop using all else!"


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          gladiator icons

          That icon you have there looks like a co-worker !


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            Have access to a bunch of old tires? do the old football footwork drill. It sounds like you just have a minor problem with foot dexterity. Or actually... just practice using the steps as those are for more accessible than a bunch of old tires (;
            Practice makes as good as yer gonna get.


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              Originally posted by mtdodgethis02
              I've been told we cant skip steps and we might not be able to use the railing.
              I am a step skipper too. I have been ever since HS when the coach used to make us run vertical laps (up four flights across a short hallway, back down, and repeat) for up to an hour. However, my last academy we had to do stairs as part of one our practical tests, and were not allowed to skip steps, it was a little frustrating at first, but they had good reasons they wanted it that way.

              Anyway, I found the best way to prepare was to actually run stairs, and practice not skipping any steps. I was lucky because my gym at the time had a stair climbing machine that was like a little mini escalator where you could control the speed. Getting fast was just a matter of working on foot speed and rhythm.


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