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    Does your blet sponsor pay you while in school/blet. and what is the rate you are payed at?

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    BLET= Basic Law Enforcement Training

    The title of your thread appears as if you've misspelled "belt." If you're going to use an acronym, consider the use of "BLET" over "blet"...savvy?
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      "BLET" Basic Law Enforcement Training. Well, you can do it a couple of ways to go to BLET. First, get hired by a pd or sheriff's office and they will pay for it right away, sheriff's office work for a year then they will send you, go to a pd and get them to sponsor you (which I recommend) or pay for it yourself. I will also say if you pay for it yourself I think you will be more focused cause you see your dollar signs gone if you do poor. Good luck! Research the BLET schools before you go. You want a school that has it's act together.


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        Depends on the department whether you get paid (not "payed") while in BLET (not blet--those of us from NC will know what you mean either way, others might not). The bigger city departments have academies of their own and they pay you the whole way through. Most of us just get free tuition, and pay for our own books, uniforms, medicals, and in some places gun and ammo.

        I don't know how much the ones who pay will pay you. Check department websites. The closest one to me is Fayetteville PD, but they also hire a lot of rookies and laterals from other places. Do whatever you need to do to get a foot in the door.
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          I would recommend getting hired first then let them put you through the academy. But if its hard to that in your location put yourself through the academy. As far as the pay rate thats up to the department. My department paid me full pay for every hour for training and driving back and forth. Some nice checks with all that overtime. Also the academy I attended had departments send them openings so the recruits could apply while still at the academy.
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