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    We carry them. I would rather be tased than pepper sprayed any day.


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      i got hit for 5 sec with the probes and the 2 sec drive stun in the back of the calf, i really didnt think it hurt that bad it just felt really strange, not saying i liked it, i sure as hell wouldnt want to do it again.


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        I like the majority of you got tazed as part of my training. It hurt and is something I hope I never have to experience again. HOWEVER, I would rather get tazed than sparayed with O.C.

        Since our department started using the tazer the effect it has had as a deterent has been appreciated. It is like when we got our first dog. People learned from word of mouth that you did not want to have a run in with it. The tazer has had the same effect. It seems not many people like electricity.


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          I think I set the record the stupidity here in this one.

          While in academy, I took the 5-second ride by being shot in the back- hit me in the right shoulder blade, and left side.... I crumpled like a little girl. Then I took the line ride (wherein the instructors line everyone up, have them hold hands and clip a probe to each end), that was easy as it was only a second.

          Then I did a resistance drill. I was prone with my hands beneath my body. Instructors told me to show my hands- and I was to resist while they "forced compliance"... It took less that a second for my arms to shoot out and they drove the X26 into the back of my knee and pulled the trigger. I had the "I I" mark burned into my skin for weeks.

          And LASTLY, speaking of all the "deaths" associated with citizens being hit. . . I took part in a hospital trial wherein Taser International tased a multitude of law enforcement officers willing to withstand a 10 second ride. They held me down to the ground, clipped a probe to my shoelace and the back pocket of my jeans, placed and ultrasound instrument over my heart and pulled.....
          It sucked.... I'm one of the lucky ones who can yell to high heaven while being tased- and I'm glad we were nowhere near the childrens' ward of the hospital. NEVER again....

          I do agree with everyone else- it is a great less-lethal option for our arsenal...

          Stay safe ya'll-


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            I was tased in the academy one of the first in my department to volunteer but ill take the 5 second ride before I do oc again that sucked , but even more so since they sang me happy birthday as they drenched me in oc oh the fun!
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              Like most of us, I rode the bull in the Academy for the 5 second daisy chain. ( what sucked more is when the two guys next to me created an extra connection when their heads touched mine ). I'll ride the bull every half hour on the half hour before I get another snot locker full of Broken Stream VEXOR again.

              The Lethal Cover is most important when used. I saw a 6'4" mental guy ride the bull while he was holding a knife and managed to cut his wrist four times B4 he hit the deck.

              I also saw a 16 year old, ride the bull for 22 seconds before he he could squeek out " I'm done, I'm done". (all I could do is say " I'll bet).
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                Been there done that!

                Don't want to do it again....

                I thought I was gonna **** myself.... LMAO

                But I agree with you all, rather get tazed than sprayed with oc/cs blend spray.


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                  Amen to that. I've been oc'd twice and tasered once. Taze me anytime. It's over a helluva lot quicker!!


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