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  • "Active Shooter" - IPSSS Initiative

    Video surveillance is common place in a bank, but what is more valuable: money or children?

    As a retired Incident Commander and Hostage Negotiator with the RCMP Emergency Response Team (SWAT) I have real hand knowledge and experince related to the vulnarbility of the first responders during these situations.

    Anyone who keeps abreast of the latest threats to educational facilities understands that our school grounds and classrooms are vulnerable. There are a great number of steps that can be taken to improve “access control”, however, if a predator or deranged individual is motivated enough – no educational facility can prevent intrusion. Once the threat is in the building,
    then immediate action must be implemented to secure the safety and evacuation of the innocents.

    Law enforcement officials have labelled these type of scenarios as “active shooters” requiring “urgent threat intervention ”. When responding to a call for help from an educational establishment, police need rapid intelligence on the location and capabilities of the predator.

    The objective of the first responders is to seek out the violent intruder and take aggressive action to stop the grievous acts. Unfortunately, during times of crisis, the information on the whereabouts of the perpetrator and the
    status of his/her armament is often sketchy. School officials do not always have the luxury of communicating direct with the police officers responding or the dispatchers.

    Trinus Technologies Inc. are introducing an Voice / Video over IP (VoIP)
    Interactive Police/School Safety & Security initiative (IPSSS).

    How Does IPSSS Work? (secure, see, save— Safe SOLUTION!)

    Incorporating the latest technology of VoIP (voice over IP) audio communications, Trinus Technologies Inc. install a network of digital cameras and audio intercoms within the school. The “pipeline” which houses the audio and video communication feed can “piggy back” on an existing computer network. Unlimited faculty may have access to the images in their classrooms or it can be restricted to more secure areas, such as the Principals office. The local police service is provided with the IP address and passwords for the school computer network. In the case of any emergency, local police can log onto the system and monitor the images displayed on the cameras. First responders, equipped with a laptop, can also access the images at their staging area, or out front of the school, via a wireless conduit. Audio pickups may be installed with the cameras to permit the monitoring of any voice communication or sounds. The communication can be configured to be interactive. The option exists for the school, or the educational board of governance, to record video images and archive the images for future reference to mitigate vandalism or other forms of property damage or injury.

    visit www.trinustech.com and follow the Corporate Support Services link to learn more...
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    The officer doesn't carry his sword in vain, he's a minister of God to carry out justice. Romans 13


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