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  • Defensive tactics instuctors only

    I am about to conduct a review of DTs training at my dept.

    Please give a brief list of DTs you deliver (i.e. weapon retention, strikes, kicks etc), how often this is delivered in a year per officer (i.e. an officer would do this once a year etc) and the level at which you would describe your dept, i.e. "local law enforcement" or "state police" or "worlds best practice" etc, and finally the number of operational police in your dept.

    Thanks in advance.
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    My agency sucks when it comes to this, but the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department has an excellent course. Try to see if we can get some LASO guys to post it here.
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      PPCT defensive tactics

      As with most depts most of us who are instructors wish we did a lot more than we do. I firmly believe in reps reps reps. I start with 200 reps of speed cuffing (which we do the most of in our work) and take downs (wrist lock and iron wrist lock) to finish up the first day. On refreshers, I shorten that to 50 and go over the whole gammet from cuffing to takedowns to strikes to baton to weapons' retention.

      I concentrate more on cuffing, takedowns and weapons retention as this seems to be the hardest for some officers to retain...especially the older guys who haven't had training since the 70's and can't even SEE their gear belt....

      PM me if you need a lesson plan or help....


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