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  • Traning for academy PAT

    Hey thinking this topic fits here. Anyway, I am hoping to get accepted to the St Louis County police academy (either as a County recruit or as an open enrollee). However I failed my first PAT fairly badly. I was already running (in one months time went from a 19min 1 ½ mile to a 15 min) and after failing (that same day) went and joined the Y to start using some of the weight machines. I have mostly cut down on my soda (around 3-4 bottles a week instead of a day) and drink plenty of water. I got some good running shoes that are designed for my feet and stride pattern.

    Anyway I was wondering if there is much else I can do to help me get into shape so I can pass my next PAT (I plan on trying to take it either late January or in February). Any suggestions would be welcome.

    The area of greatest concern for me is my stamina. That is where I seem to hit a wall in with my running, as well as my cardio warm ups when I lift the weights. Is it just a matter of getting out and doing it day after day (which I have been trying) or is there something else I am missing or can do?
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    I'm not sure of your academy requirements but it sounds like you are on the right track. I have never really liked running but I started out small and worked up. If you already able to run a mile and a half, try to go 2 miles, 3-4 times a week. Good shoes are important, good breathing is key as well. A sub 8 minute mile should be a good pace for most departments PAT standards I would think. If you are passing on your situps and push ups, I wouldn't be too worried about strength training with weights right now. One last thing you might try is not to think of it as running the full distance, just think of it as a quarter mile at a time.


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