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    Anybody know of any DT training videos? I failed my practical testing and seeing some "hands on" would really help me out. Thx

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    For more try looking here: CLICK
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      DT Training

      I agree with Samuel you need individual instruction, and pratice.

      IMO, if you failed AFTER getting Live instruction, you either need more Live instruction, more Individual instruction, or PRACTICE or all three (especially the last one).


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        You need to go to a gym. There is no substitution to the real thing. I own KibunINc.com and put out many videos for both lawenforcement and MMA fighters. Check them out I have many free moves on the site but go to a gym and train.
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          Check out Police combat

          Developed by police for police. Used by just about every department in the State of Connecticut.
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            Originally posted by wannabele
            Anybody know of any DT training videos? I failed my practical testing and seeing some "hands on" would really help me out. Thx

            NO subsitution of reps reps reps. Muscle memory is only developed by reps and overcomes the jitters when testing. I agree....get in the gym with an instructor or proficient officer.

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              Try here: http://www.isrmatrix.org/

              Here is a link to one of their promo vids: http://www.isrmatrix.org/videos/isrle25mb.wmv


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                Thx y'all.


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                  Are you in the Academy ? If so, enlist the help of your class mates... just make sure they know what they're doing and not making the problem worse by not showing you the right way. When i went through there was no reason for anyone to fail anything, we helped each other out. If that isn't something you want to do, ask your instructor. They are there to teach you, and make sure you know what your doing. Someone posted earlier Practice and repetition to create muscle memory is the name of the game. That's they key. I'm currently studying 2 styles of martial arts now, and my instructor hammers practice, repetition and muscle memory into us all the time. If you learn something one time, do it one time for a score and don't do it again you can forget being able to do it when you need it. But if you learn it, do it over and over and over again, it becomes second nature, your body knows what comes next without you having to think about it.
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                    If you're in Florida, you're being tested on the CMS state course. Don't try to learn from videos. Get one of the instructors to help you with your weak areas. If you start doing something that isn't on the state curriculum you will fail, regardless of how well you do on the "new" stuff.
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