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  • POlice Training Database Software

    Looking for a good software vendor to provide us with a package to track our 700 employees/officers as far as training taken and required, certifications and expirations, firearms module, etc.. Any agency using a good package that seems to cover it all. I'm interested in hearing about it. Thanks

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    I have used Coptrak for about 3 years. Don't recommend the program or the company. They have not updated the program ort thier website since 2003. I needed a report and their response was, "Sorry you don't have the report." No offer to help, nothing about an update coming out about the program.



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      Training software

      thanks. I'll stay away from them. We are looking at 3 companies right now:
      IPTM, L.E.A. Data Technologies and Crown Pointe Technologies. Just looking to see if there are others out there.


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        This may seem a bit on the cheap side, but I've been using Access Database to track the training of over a thousand students training in various aspect of non-lethal tactics. Once you know how to use it, you can input any category you wish from weapons qualification/last qual to a picture of the officer. Best thing is that you don't have to pay the monthly/yearly fee to the software company and you don't need the internet to work it. Best thing to do is send someone in the training department to a couple day course in Microsoft Certification in Access and you've become self-sustainable and have just saved your department tons in fees. You can also intermittently back up the database so you have a fresh copy and you can even "share out permissions" so only certain people can add records. If you run with this or whatever type of tracking tool, keep the permissions to a minimum, i.e., training managers and department heads (these personnel can have viewing rights).
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          No doubt,coptrack is a best software...CoP.Track is a tool to plan, track and manage your projects, using the Internet to modify all data online in real time. CoP.Track provides a complete project, resources and budget management. By use of time recording, estimations and project status the project manager has always the latest data.



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            I used the one from IPTM in the past. Was not real impressed with it.
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