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  • K9 Fitness Preparation

    Hello everyone,

    Eventually my goal is to get into k9 handling. I'm pretty up to date on many of the training requirements and the testing requirements etc.

    I was just wondering what the handlers on the board do as a routine to maintain a healthy fitness level for working with the dogs. What kind of weight, body resistance, cardio, etc just general fitness workouts are used in order to keep up with the dogs.



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    As long as you are in reasonably decent shape you shouldn't have a problem. The only problem I have seen is that when you are on a nice long open area track, two legs just cant keep up with four.


    • #3 will never be in as good as shape as your K9. A good thing that I do is go for runs with your K9. That way you are doing activity together other than working. A lot of fun too.
      Gods Speed


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        Thanks for the tips folks I still have a while yet before I actually get to do the k9 gig (or at least apply rather) but I want to make sure I'm the most competitive candidate possible when I do apply.

        Thanks again,



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          I help train a 12 week Police K9 Course for new K9 teams . All handlers must learn to be good decoys which requires working in a heavy bitesuit , taking downfield running hits from K9's wear a bite sleeve and taking hits from muzzled K9's , etc. . This requires good cardio , strong upper body , shoulders , back and knees can take a beating doing this .

          Handling their own dog during training puts stress on the same body parts .

          Common physical problems with new Handlers ;
          #1 CARDIO
          #2 Shin splints (lots of walking for teaching obediance)
          #3 Back injuries
          #4 Pulled hamstrings
          #5 Knee injuries

          For the actual street work you will need good cardio , strong shoulders and back in controlling and keeping up with the dogs on tracks . You may be at times lifting an on average 60-80 pound dog over or onto obstacles .

          Having been a K9 Officer for about 9 years now I live with constant pain in my shoulders and in 1 knee from working the dogs on the street and training them . My back ain't too far behind either . I wouldn't change a thing though it's the best job I ever had .


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