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    I showed this video to my shift and there was a lot of yelling at the screen.
    "You are always just one bad decision away from unemployment, prison or death."

    "My profession dictates that I routinely confront the people that the average citizen fearfully crosses the street to avoid. Then I must endure the criticism of that citizen as he judges my actions from afar."



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      Just got this from a fellow officer. I guess the one I watched has been edited because I didn't see the negotiation or the takedown.

      WHY in Gods name do we continue to see videos of officers asking a suspect numerous times to drop a weapon? Is it a lack of training or a fear of being wrong? In my opinion if I confront a armed suspect and I am in a marked car in uniform he has about the same amount of time it takes me to clear leather to disarm himself. I will usually shout for the suspect to drop his weapon as I draw. If my draw is complete, my sights are on target and it is still a threat, then the only thing left to do is "press, press, pause, press" and repeat until the target is no longer a threat.

      In this instance there is only one conclusion that you can draw from a suspect exiting a vehicle with a long gun. He intends to murder you. There is no conversation about that. There is no legally justifiable reason for a citizen to exit their vehicle with a weapon on a traffic stop.

      This video makes me mad. No, mad does not even begin to describe the rage that I feel. I am angry at the trooper who did not act soon enough to save his own life and prevent the grief that his family now has to endure. I am mad at his agencies training program that appears to have failed to educate quite a few deputies on justifiable use of deadly force. I am angry at the courts that have made officers worry more about being sued than being killed. Lastly I am mad at the crazy old man who believed that his right to disobey traffic law was worth murdering a peacekeeper. May God have more mercy on him than I would, and let’s hope the powers that be send him to be judged.

      PLEASE learn from this. Everytime I see one of these is strengthens my resolve. TRAIN like your life depends on it......it does. Decide now. Watch the video again and KNOW that you would drop the hammer. If there is ever a doubt in your mind, FIND A NEW JOB. You cannot second guess yourself and you cannot doubt. Both will kill you.

      Be safe out there.
      "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell
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        Looks like SPE wants you to join his forum, hence not uploading the vid to a site you dont have to join to view.

        So i joined, i'm such a loser.....
        The officer doesn't carry his sword in vain, he's a minister of God to carry out justice. Romans 13


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