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  • Ground fighting training videos and books

    I'm currently developing a ground fighting course for inservice training and am looking for a good ground fighting video with simple LE techniques. I need to supplement my own knowledge base for my program and need to have a video that guys can borrow and hopefully use on their own.

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    Ground Fighting

    Contact me directly I know several DT instructors who can help you out. They are LE DT instructors in Ohio and Illinois.

    I'm a LE DT instructor in Delaware


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      Check this out to begin with: http://www.defendu.com/10_bjj.htm and I'd recommend that you contact Sheldon Marr at www.grapplers-edge.com or at [email protected]

      He's been training LEO's in Colorado, and at the FBI's Defensive Tactics Instructors course for years now. Very knowledgeable and experienced in training geared towards us. He's a Rokyudan (sp?) in Judo and Jujitsu and holds black belts in Sambo and Tae Kwon Do as well as being a wrestling coach for many years.


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        doesnt work

        too bad none of that stuff or any of the other stuff they teach you works.

        I have worked in an inner city for 15 years, watched thousands of police videos and heard a million stories...It always goes back to good (or numerous) strikes or overwhelming numbers...Please advise of a dash cam video of an officer using any martial art move effectively....

        I think it is because most black belts say a move has to be executed 10,000 times to be properly learned...I think most cops practice a move about 50 times..
        10% of the cops do 90% of the work


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          "too bad none of that stuff or any of the other stuff they teach you works."

          Hardball, most of the **** taught at academies is garbage. I'll be the first to admit that. This crap is taught by "experts" with no actual fighting experiences, telling you that wrist turns and pressure point strikes work every time without fail.

          The fact is that no technique works on everybody and executing fancy and complicated moves when that adrenaline surge hits... against someone who's trying to hurt you... rarely works out as well as it does on the mats during in service or academy training.

          Grappling works bro. The reason it works is because unlike most (ahem) "martial arts" you actually do the techniques full speed. There's no guessing as to whether or not some hocus pocus dim mak death touch will really work or not. You know grappling works because you feel yourself getting submitted and you submit others every time you're on the mats.

          You have to train hard to be hard. You want a martial art that works? Stick to styles that actually go full speed in practice. Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and Sambo are all arts that train full speed and at full contact.

          I've used my grappling training successfully numerous times on the job (including last Tuesday). I also trained Aikido (before wising up and pursuing something that'd actually work) for quite awhile and have NEVER pulled off an Aikido move successfully, so I understand your skepticism. Dont let the "Bull****o" experts sour your outlook on all arts.


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            cup of tea?

            I don't quiet understand the 'cup of tea' reference but that's ok..

            I give you all maximum repsect for recognize what has been taught doesnt work.

            The academies around here do not seem to want to reconize the difference between a compliant, fellow recruit and a nothing-to-lose criminal on the street.

            I hope your system develops into something that will relly be practical and effective on the street...

            Do the academies near you allow live sparring as part of the recruit training??
            10% of the cops do 90% of the work


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              If your post was about the relevance of typical cop training then yes I agree and no that isn't what this thread was about. Start a new thread if that's the case.

              If your post was an ASSumption of what I teach to my guys then are you basing that on first hand knowledge of what I teach, which I assure you is quite impossible, or are you pulling it out of your butt?


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                what assumption?

                what assumption did I make that got you so fired up, big guy?
                10% of the cops do 90% of the work


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                  Nothing is certain

                  I have trained in martial arts for 22 years and been a street cop for 31 years in both metro and rural settings. You play the way you train. I trained seriously at high intensity in no nonsense jujitsu, escrima, boxing, thai boxing, and brazilain jujitsu. There is no easy way except to have the will to survive and train hard. It has saved my life once and been used to some degree on every arrest. To say it doesn't work is closeminded and probably means that you want what a lot of officers want which is instant potatoes. For the officer that wants training videos, some of the ones mentioned are good, but don't be a chairborne commando. Don't depend on any department for your survival, depend on yourself because you are the one in the street! Find like minded officers and forget the malingerers who think the department cares.
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                    We have a great publication called "Army Combatives" it is a publication approved for public release, so if you need help getting a copy I have the pdf file. It is a fairly new pub that integrates ground fighting to our combat skills. Later!


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                      The inservice training went well. When I was looking for videos I saw one by SPEtactical on Amazon but didn't get it because I assumed it would be the usual watered down police training stuff. Well it was recently suggested to me that I try the SPE web site and after browsing around there I bought the video. I wish I had bought it before the training. While I knew just about everything on there already the instruction in the video had details in the techniques that I had forgotten over the years. The video's simple production(kinda like watching amatuer porn) was still done in a way that was easy to follow and and learn from and at nice instructional pace. In short anyone who went to my training can watch the video and get reinforcement on exactly what was taught to them during the in-service.

                      I'm still looking for new ideas, instructional techiques, etc.


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                          Kibun - police BJJ/submission fighting

                          I'd get this video to add to your library!


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                            Looks good!!


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