OK to all of my LEO friends out there (the majority of my friends..

A buddy of mine who is a outstanding combat instructor wrote me the below post and I am sharing it with you all, it's free....and the more training you get the better you are at living..and staying alive. And with all that has gone on recently he wants to give back to LEO's some. This is a great opportunity.

This is what Bob Harvey wrote to me:
"To all Sworn Law Enforcement. I will be offering a defensive pistol and carbine course at Okeechobee Shooting Sports. Your cost for the course and range is zero. Bring your duty guns and lots of Ammo.

I am a combat Marine Veteran Primary Marksmanship Instructor. I will teach you to gunfight.
This is not an academy course.

Sponsored by South Florida Gun School.
We want you to survive.
Contact me at 1-561-715-7198
Bob Harvey