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Training/Seminars for Rookie Officer


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  • Training/Seminars for Rookie Officer

    I thought I could ask for some opinions here regarding training that would be beneficial for a rookie. My Sergeant and I have discussed some ideas, but the suggested classes are unavailable (to me) for approximately one year (some longer) due to travel expenses associated with the locations of the classes. I have asked around in my department and have received some suggestions such as the Reid Interview/Interrogation School, but am running into the same problem. I am specifically looking at training/classes in or immediately around Nevada. There are a number of classes, but would like to go to one someone has had attended and knows it to be good. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

    Heck, if anyone has attended some type of training they deemed to be extremely beneficial I would like to know what it is so I may look into it.

    Reid Interview/Interrogation will be attended just don't know when.

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    Attend on your own time/dime, or wait...and work on your BASIC skills.


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      Look at FLETC for State and Local. Your dept (or you) pay your way there, and they pay for food, lodging, and the course. They do have some interrogation courses.

      Feel free to PM me if you need any help finding the course list or want more detailed info.


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        Thank you, I was essentially interviewed by my dept as to where I want my career to go. It took me by surprise as I am still on probation and assumed I should focus on completing the job efficiently. I was asked to find some type of training and decided to put the question up here in conjunction of asking dept members and doing my own research.

        Thank you I will look more into FLETC.


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          I wouldn't suggest many classes for a real new officer other than maybe crash inestigation or SFSTs. Learning the job and getting a feel for what you want to excel in should be the focus the first two years. But if you are given the chance to go to a class take it. I took a few traffic/DUI classes my first few years and moved on to drug enforcement and did many schools for that they all worked out well and at times benefit each other.
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            The 'Street Survival' seminar is a good one to attend, at any experience level...these move around the country.
            LEOKA Seminars and 'Below 100' are also good, and should be free to attend (unlike the street survival classes)

            Another source would be some of the larger agencies in your area, esp. any that have their own police academy and in service training classes; see if they allow 'outside' agency training and if so, how much $$$$ ect
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              After coming off probation, I recommend training in false IDs, dealing with Sovereign Citizens, interview/interrogation, dealing with mental health issues, street survival, active shooter, going beyond the traffic stop...
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