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Good and affordable online degree programs?


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  • Good and affordable online degree programs?

    So, forgive me if there is a thread somewhere on here that i have missed, i scrolled all the way into 2012 posts and didn't see anything.

    Would love to get some ideas from the experiences of peers of some reputable/accredited fully online degree programs , the costs, and/or any online Universities that might cater to those of us in the LE field by applying our training/experience into credits, or that give great deals to public safety professionals.

    Appreciate any experience/advice.
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    I personally would suggest to stay away from for profit schools. I have had friends and associates have nothing but problems with a few of them. Look into local state schools, or non profits. Most state schools are getting hip to online programs. Heck most of the tech colleges in my state have some sort of online degree program.
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      I like Liberty University.


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        One of our Deputy Chiefs went to Columbia Southern University for his Masters in CJ. I looked into it and it seems to be a very good affordable school. Its strictly online, so Tuition is very reasonable and its fully accredited so you can use GI BILL if you have it or get loans, grants ect.

        Liberty is a very good school as well, but Tuition is slightly on the higher side. I also know alot of officers who attend Bethel Online. It seems to be very reasonably priced and a good program.


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          Univ. of Cincinnati.


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            If you are a member of FOP look at their FOP University Program. A good program indeed.
            In the end the choice will be yours, but you need to look at factors beyond cost alone. While most every school or school extension program has online degree programs, YOU need to do your homework. I know of several that depending on who you ask are either great or terrible.

            • Is the school regionally or nationally accredited? Both are kosher but some departments only accept regional schools and if you later pursue an advanced degree a nationally accredited schools degree may not be accepted by a regional school.

            • What is the schools reputation? While this may not be viewed as important by all, it can carry some weight when held against someone who is otherwise equal to you but has a degree from a high profile or “better” school.

            • When it comes to translating police training into credits- most of this is driven by ACE who assigns recommendations for certain, but not all training. For the most part only academy courses and a scant few in-service courses will get you credit and it is up to the school to decide if they will grant credit and it usually has to be linked to your major.

            Have a look at Degree Info http://www.degreeinfo.com/content/ where there are literally thousands of discussions about online programs, credit from experience and training, etc, etc, etc.
            Originally posted by SSD
            It has long been the tradition on this forum and as well as professionally not to second guess or Monday morning QB the officer's who were actually on-scene and had to make the decision. That being said, I don't think that your discussion will go very far on this board.
            Originally posted by Iowa #1603
            And now you are arguing about not arguing..................


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              I am starting classes at Troy University next month. I have an AS in Criminal Justice and will be finishing my BS at Troy through online courses. They offer several completely online programs at the school. Tuition is about $300 per credit hour for online courses, plus some additional fees.
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                Originally posted by vdfnco View Post
                I like Liberty University.
                Meh, not really a fan of that one. Im sure its an ok school and I know some people in my department who have gone there, but the religious based aspect and name recognition kind of take away from it IMO. For the same cost or cheaper, you can get a much better education and go to a school with name recognition like Florida State or UNC.

                Jtl, you should check out Penn State, Arizona State, University of North Carolina, George Washington University, Oregon State, University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne, University of Florida, Florida State, and University of Southern California. There are more too. Check this link and explore your options.


                BTW, all the non state schools are gonna be rediculously priced, but if your department helps pay for them, its something to consider.

                I'm finishing up my masters degree currently from Penn State and it is the best laid out online format I've ever seen, the professors are very helpful and experienced, and all of the staff that work there are a pleasure to work with. Tuition is moderate, with cost ranging around $500-550 a credit for a bachelors and around $770-900 a credit for a masters. My MPA will end up costing me $30K when all is said and done, but the name recognition from being with Penn State is totally worth it. And $30K isnt bad for a masters anyways. The degree will only state Penn State on it too, not that its from the World Campus component.

                Also, check out Arizona State as well. I just enrolled there to continue my post-bachelors degree in Spanish. Yes, they actually have an online Spanish degree haha. It looks to be legit and very well laid out as well from reviews and school recognition. That school won't have "online" on the diploma as well.

                Its just my opinion that you should stay away from the for-profit schools like American Military University, Liberty, Devry, U of Phoenix, and Everest when they will prob end up costing you more in the long run.


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                  Colorado State University has many online programs, and the transcript and diploma are no different that the butt-in-seat degrees.

                  University of Denver has a good regional reputation as well.
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                    me also i like liberty university


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                      Liberty is a great school...First and foremost, it is "the largest private, nonprofit university in the nation, the largest university in Virginia, and the largest Christian university in the world." I personally can do without the biblical component to some of their classes, however, they offer significant tuition discounts for LEO's and military and you can receive both discounts together. Regular online enrollment for graduate school is $520/credit hr. Military discount is $250/credit hr., and the LEO discount is 25%; so together, I can complete graduate level work (not including books, fees, etc.) for less than $6800! ($187.50X36 hrs.) Liberty is accredited by the SACS and their law school is accredited by the ABA and is a Div. 1 school in the Big South Conference. All this makes LU my choice for my graduate level work and the MS in CJ degree has 8 week classes. I was leary of all the schools that are on TV like U of Cinci, CTU, U of Phoenix because I think that have a stigma against them for being not a "real" school...Anyways, just my experience and my 2 cents...Good luck in furthering your education everyone!


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