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  • Tactical Emergency Medical Peace Officer

    (Hennepin County Medical Center is a non-profit government agency)

    Tactical Emergency Medical Peace Officer (TEMPO) is a course offered at Hennepin county medical center in Minneapolis MN. TEMPO is unique in the fact that we integrate National EMS standards for First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician and Tactical EMS together. The course has many options from an 8 hour Tactical Emergency care (self-care/buddy-care) through a three day EMT refresher/tactical course. These courses are Minnesota POST approved courses.

    TEMPO EMT / Refresher Refresher 24 hours $455
    TEMPO FR / Refresher Refresher 16 hours $298
    TEMPO Customized Course 8 Hours $125

    We base our training on current, state-of-the-art medical Life Saving Interventions (LSI’s) for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) faced with common and atypical tactical situations. We balance that with some standard civilian care that LEOs are required to render. A LEO taking our course can expect to be placed in a modified stress environment with light to moderate physical demands. As such, we do not recommend this Course to officers with significant health limitations or those that are on limited duty due to a physical condition. TEMPO is fast paced with little or no down time, and we train in both indoor and outdoor settings regardless of conditions (except when outdoor conditions would be dangerous).

    The general objectives for any of the Courses are:

    • LEOs will gain up to a significant increase in medical survival knowledge.

    • LEOs will know how to assess their physical capabilities and retain the needed motivation to survive deadly situations.

    • LEOs will master the LSI of tactical tourniquet use

    • LEOs will master the LSI of tactical airway management

    • LEOs will understand options associated with tactical LSI evacuation for self, partner and civilians

    • LEOs will receive instruction on medical situations that are unique to law enforcement

    • LEOs will be comfortable providing patient care under duress to themselves and others

    • LEOs will receive hands on, scenario-based instruction in an academy-style method
    Depending on the course, specific objectives will also be developed. These specific objectives would be developed based on the individual needs of the department. For instance, a rural department might need instruction on medical evacuation helicopter use and operations in their TEMPO First Responder Course because of their distance away from definitive medical facilities whereas a metro department would not. These specific objectives can be flexible and customized to what your department needs.

    We also have a world-class faculty that teaches for the TEMPO Course. Our faculty backgrounds cover the gamut from basic EMT through physician and everything in-between. Many of our faculty are cross-trained as LEOs or have been chosen because of their specific experience with military medicine, use of force practice, or tactical EMS experience. Our faculty have been chosen specifically for their ability to teach and several of them have global reputations for expertise in certain subjects that bridge the medical/law enforcement interface. These subjects include: Arrest-Related Death Issues, Management of Emotionally Disturbed Persons, Excited Delirium Syndrome, Use of Force Physiology of the Suspect and LEO, Medical Considerations Surrounding TASER Device Usage, etc.

    As far as cost we have a sliding scale and that depends primarily on the Course of instruction chosen, the number of officers to be trained, and the training location. We can bring the course to you, or you can come to our home base of operations at the Southwest Metro Public Safety Training Facility in Edina, MN.

    contact information is located on the Hennepin County Medical Center website

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    TEMPO EMT-R September 10-12 Edina, MN
    TEMPO FR October 21,22 Edina, MN
    TEMPO EMT-R November 5-7 Edina, MN
    TEMPO FR November 19,20 Edina, MN

    All courses 8am-5pm
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