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Drive stun taser gone wrong


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  • Drive stun taser gone wrong

    Recently I lateraled to a new Police Department. Because my previous PD did not drive stun during Taser training and because I was switching from the X26 to the X2 I had to go through some training. I did not have to take the 5 second ride again, however I did have to get drive stunned.

    This is how the scenario played out. I held onto the officers arm who had the taser. He gave me several commands of "let go" or "get off my arm." I refused so he stuck the taser to my skin and turned it on. Most people were able to immediately let go. For some reason when he did it my hand contracting around his arm and as long as he was "juicing" me I couldnt let go.

    I ended up on my knees with my other hand trying to stop him. He stopped once I said "stop I cant let go." This all happened in 4 seconds.

    My question: Has anyone ever experienced this before with the drive stun. I know the probes will cause muscle contraction and will cause the muscles to seize up but I have never heard of it happening with a drive stun.

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    Never seen it happen, but it makes sense. Just hitting your funny bone or the radial nerve in your arm will cause your hand to clench and lose temporary control of your muscle coordination, so if you were to throw electrical current in just the right place.....
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