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    Good Day,

    I am try to find out if your Agency/Department actively participates or encourage it's members to attend training? Does your Agency/Department host training or provides training opportunities for it's members. I have been meeting other LEO's lately that the bigger the department is, the smaller amount of training opportunities that they receive.

    Is this common around the U.S.?



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    To a certain extent it is not unusual.

    Aside from monthly range practice, the agency I retired from provides four internal training days per year, taught by our own staff. If someone has an assignment requiring specialized training we send them to our academy. I suspect that’s pretty generous by most agency standards.

    Beyond that, the cost of sending people for external training (travel, per diem, class fees, any needed equipment, etc.) gets very costly, particularly for a large department.

    Back in the 1960 and 1970s, most cops were equipped with Mace, a forerunner of pepper spray. For years, LAPD personnel were prohibited from carrying it. One day in 1976 I was talking with a friend who was on the LAPD Academy staff and asked about the Mace issue. He explained that LAPD brass was not against equipping its personnel with this item but instead, it was a cost issue. California POST regulations required that officers complete an eight hour course before being able to carry Mace. Back then the cost of providing 6,000 officers with eight hours of Mace training was $1,000,000 ($4,000,000 by today’s standards). LAPD simply didn’t have that kind of money in its budget for Mace training.

    I think you will find the same thing today with large departments. Figure out the average daily wage of an officer and multiply it times the number of officers in the agency. That will give you the cost of one day’s training for every officer, not counting travel, per diem, class cost, etc. In these days of tight budgets, how many departments can afford that unless it is mandated by your state’s POST or other professional standards agency?
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      Where do you need these training exercise?


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        I get training through local and government run contracts and funding.


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          I work for one of the biggest PDs in the nation. Training is a JOKE! The only training we get is in house videos or computer training (I.E. read, click next, we trained you now we can hold you responsible).
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