This is a comprehensive Defensive Tactics & Control Techniques Instructor Course to certify qualified public and private law enforcement law enforcement personnel whom have no prior training. Taking into consideration that training cost money and there is not a great deal of money to be spent, Larry Smith Enterprise produced a comprehensive defensive tactics & Control Techniques program aimed at dealing with this budget problem. The Larry & Smith Enterprise Defensive Tactics & Control Techniques Program includes use of force, escort position & control holds, handcuffing, weapon retention, active defensive skills into a package that is simple and easy to learn. Upon completion of the 24 hours Defensive Tactics & Control Techniques Instructor Course, officers will be certified to teach this course.

DATE: January 13, 14, 15, 2012

LOCATION: Dulles, VA 20166

Hours; 0800 – 1630 Hours

COST: Instructor $500.00 Per Student

Please register as early as possible. The class cannot be held unless sufficient enrollment is achieved.

INSTRUCTOR: Thomas Moy [email protected]