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    I am looking for the old interview with the criminal where he explains that he didn't assault two officers that looked squared away but assaulted the other because he was "sloppy and out of shape". I need it for a presentation on officer presence. I have tried google and can't seem to find it. Any ideas?

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    That sounds like material from the FBI study on assualted officers. I can't find my copy but I recall it being about 10 yrs old. Call any university Criminal Justice library (esp. the one at Rutgers-Newark) and the librarian will tell you the name off the top of her head. It's a widely read and cited study.

    Good Luck
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      Thank you, I never thought of that.


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        Google felonious assaults on law enforcement officers
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          If you ever find it please let us know what its called. I'd like to take a look at that.


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            I talked to the criminal justice librarian and she found it for me. "Violent encounters: a study of felonious assaults on our nations officers" FBI study published 2006. It is a huge read but a good one.


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              Just saw similar footage, this week, in the current FBI LEOKA seminar put on by former Ukiah (CA) PD Sgt. Marcus Young. Young was almost killed by some turd, and now presents on this topic.

              That footage, though, is limited ONLY to the seminar, and not to be passed around due to privacy concerns.

              Here's their link: http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/pu...ety-initiative

              You can book a presentation to yours and surrounding agencies.
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