SCPSDI would like to welcome 6 new Basic Swimming and Water Survival Instructors with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department.

This course is designed to train Public Safety Personnel in the Instructional Aspects of teaching Swimming and Water Survival. Only SCPSDI trained instructors are authorized teach this program.

Their Final Skills Exam;
1. 200 yard run in full gear
2. Swim 300 yards With Duty Belt (100 yards with weapon out of water)
3. Swim a minimum of 500 yards without stopping
4. Dive to a depth of 10 feet and retrieve a 10lb object
5. Tread water for 20 min. (10 min. with hands out of water)
6. Apprehend Suspect while in shallow/deep water (Fighting and Passive)
7. Make a PFD with shirt/trousers
8. In water back boarding for boating/auto accidents (Optional)
9. Basic Water Rescue Skills

If you or your agecny would like to request this training, email us at [email protected] or visit us on the web at