For state and local police and fire first responders: A Coordinated Response to Food Emergencies

This course, to be held June 14-15, 2011, in Washington, DC, is conducted free of charge with funding from DHS grants. Coordinators believe this course would be beneficial to police and fire field personnel in the NCR.

The title of the course is: A Coordinated Response to Food Emergencies This course provides responders with training on all-hazards food emergency response procedures with an emphasis on enhancing communication to facilitate the response effort. For the purposes of this course, food emergencies may include terrorism, naturally occurring events, or accidents that impact the food chain with the potential for mass consequences. The course focuses on federal, state, and local agency communication and coordination during the response to and recovery from such emergencies.

This course will help expand communication and coordination with Federal, state, and local stakeholders. In the larger context, the outreach and networking opportunity will be valuable in the event of a food-related incident in this geographic region. The website for the food defense workshop is: <> .

Registration Deadline: May 27, 2011

To Register:

1. Go to <> and click on the "Upcoming Workshops" tab (green banner)

2. Click on "Apply for Training

3. Complete application and click "Submit Registration" at the bottom of the page

For more information, please email [email protected] .