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  • Tennessee POST Approval

    SCPSDI Public Safety Programs, which are OSHA, NFPA and ISO compliant, are now Tennessee POST approved, in accordance with training regulations, there are two avenues available. The first one would be to travel to South Carolina or one of our scheduled course sites, then all the officer(s) would have to do is to attend, be issued a certificate of completion, return to their agency and fill out a specialized training substitution form and submit to POST for in-service credit. The second option would be for your agency to sponsor the training and submit the proper paperwork necessary for POST.

    S. C. Public Safety Divers Int’l (SCPSDI)
    Aquatic Educators Int’l (AEI)
    Web: www.scpsdi.net
    Email: [email protected]

    Public Safety Diver Training
    PSD Open Water
    This course will teach participant the skills and knowledge required to be a safe, comfortable PSD open water diver and Line-Tender.

    PSD Advanced Open Water
    This course is designed to build on your open water skills and incorporate more advanced scuba techniques such as Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Night Diving, Buoyancy Control, Diver Rescue Techniques, and much more.

    Diving in Contaminated Waters
    The purpose of this course is to provide general guidance and basic procedures for diving in contaminated water.

    Diver Medic
    The Dive Team Medic is an individual who provides initial/pre-hospital care to dive team members who become ill or injured in the dive setting.

    PSD Night Diver/Compass/Mapping
    This course is designed to teach the techniques of Night Diving, Compass Navigation and Mapping of Crime Scenes.

    Search and Recovery
    Instruction will cover techniques, principals and application of Search and Recovery methods, including planning techniques, organization procedures, problems and hazards of Search and Recovery.

    Underwater Criminal Investigation
    Instruction will cover techniques, principals and application of Underwater Criminal Investigation methods, including planning techniques, organization procedures, problems and hazards of Underwater Crime Investigation.

    Forensic Diving
    The course is designed to "Enhance" the knowledge and skills of the Underwater Crime Investigator and focuses more on the "Forensics" (i.e. Cause of Death, Recovery of Skeletal Remains, etc.). The course was originally developed for Medical Examiners and Local Corners, to help them with a more definitive Cause of Death (COD) in water related accidents/crimes but we have extended the training to Public Safety Divers.

    MUST BE CURRENT/RETIRED PUBLIC SAFETY: Instruction will cover techniques, principals and application of Ordnance and Harbor Security Searching methods, including planning techniques, organization procedures, problems and hazards of Ordnance and Harbor Security Searching. **THIS COURSE DOES NOT IMPLY OR TEACH HOW TO REMOVE/DIFUSE LIMPETS/BOMBS.

    MUST BE CURRENT/RETIRED PUBLIC SAFETY: MARITIME INTERCEPTION OPERATIONS, provides tactics, techniques*, and procedures to conduct unilateral or joint MIO operations.

    *Marine Port Security
    MUST BE CURRENT/RETIRED PUBLIC SAFETY: The purpose of these courses are to properly Educate, Prepare and Train the Marine Port Security Officer/Diver in the aspects/hazards of Marine Port Security. The Marine Port Security Program consists of several courses, below are the Core Courses;

    Professional Public Safety Courses
    PSD Dive Supervisor
    This course teaches the basics of group control and should be taken by two senior members of the dive team.

    PSD Instructor Course
    The PSD Instructors Course will cover all areas of Public Safety Diving. Upon successful completion, the PSD instructor will be authorized to instruct all levels of Public Safety Diving (including PSD Assistant Instructor).

    Public Safety Swimming and Non-Diving Programs

    AEI Regional Course Director

    AEI Instructor Trainer Course

    AEI Instructor Course
    1. The Instructor Candidate will demonstrate/articulate the ability to instruct and correct swimmers strokes
    2. The Instructor Candidate will be able to correctly asses the swimmers abilities via class
    3. The Instructor Candidate will demonstrate proper ‘Water Rescue” techniques in assisting a distressed swimmer
    4. The Instructor Candidate will learn to administer/develop written tests/exams per state/department regulations

    AEI Class and Pool Instructor Course

    Basic Swimming and Water Survival

    Basic Water Rescue Skills for General Emergency Personnel

    Conducting Flood Loss Assessments

    Flood Response Operations

    Flood Response Swimmer

    Flood Response/Rescue Boat Operations

    Helicopter Surface Rescue Swimmer Program

    High-Risk Training Safety Checklist Supplement for Combat Water Survival & Pool Facility Requirements

    Individual Training Standards (ITS) Systems for Public Safety and Combat Water Survival Training

    Tactical Swimmer-Swimming
    • Tactical Team Swimmer Safety and Deployment
    • Equipment Use and Care
    • Mask, Fins, and Snorkel use (No Scuba)
    • Entry and Exists
    • Shooting from above the Water Line
    • Drifting and Upstream Swimming
    • Suspect Apprehension and Removal (Land/Water)
    • Hostage/Suspect Surveillance from the water

    National Search and Rescue System

    Professional Lifeguard Training and Rapid Water Rescue Response for Public Safety

    Public Safety Search and Rescue (SAR) Standardization Program

    Search and Rescue (SAR)/Surface Rescue Swimmer (SRS) Physical Fitness/Conditioning Program

    Standard Operating Procedures for Search and Rescue (SAR) Units and Helicopter SAR Crewmember Evaluation and Training Program

    Surface Rescue Swimmer (Non- Helicopter Operations) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Search and Rescue (SAR) Manual

    Primary Instructor (P-Inst.) and Master Instructor Trainer (M-I.T.) Course(s)
    The Complete Professional Instructor Course: Licensed/Certified to independently teach Public Safety and Recreational Swimming Programs Adhere to AEI's "Code of Conduct"

    M-I.T. 21 years of age or older (if under 21, contact AEI Headquarters for age wavier information)
    M-I.T. Pass both AEI's Instructor/Instructor Trainer written exam with 90% or better and Water Skills Exam

    P-Inst. 18 years of age or older (if under 18, contact AEI Headquarters for age wavier information)
    P-Inst. Pass both the written and skills exam

    All AEI Instructors MUST:
    Adhere to AEI's "Code of Conduct"
    Maintain "ASHI CPR-Pro" Instructor Rating
    Attend yearly update seminar(s) via online or in-person
    Pay Yearly Licensing Fee for Current Rating
    Actively "Promote" AEI Programs and Courses
    Offer 2 free children/youth swim lessons/programs per year

    ASHI Training Center (ID# 84908)
    CPR for the Professional Rescuer:
    Details: Students learn how to recognize a life-threatening emergency, how to provide basic life support and what to do in case of an airway obstruction or choking. ASHI"s CPR PRO has been approved for training for Emergency Medical Services personnel and is accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), Diver Medic and Lifeguard Training. Updated version released October 2009.

    CPR/AED for the Community and Workplace:
    Details: CPR/AED student book includes CPR/AED certification card (for approved purchasers). Provides information, care for adult and pediatric emergencies for bystanders. Reflects guideline updates.

    Emergency Oxygen (O2):
    Details: Emergency Oxygen Administration student hand book with card provides information for complying with the FDA requirements for training in the administration of emergency oxygen. Reflects guideline updates.

    Basic First Aid:
    Details: Basic First Aid student book includes card for those authorized and approved to purchase certification cards. Offers graphic photos and illustrations with comprehensive basic first aid techniques. Reflects guideline updates.

    Bloodborne Pathogens:
    Details: Bloodborne Pathogens student book with card offers photos, illustrations and valuable information for OSHA compliance and community Revised 2006.

    Emergency Medical Response for Adults in the Workplace:
    Details: Emergency Medical Response for Adults in the Workplace student guide covers Adult CPR/AED, BFA, and awareness level of Bloodborne Pathogens and Emergency Oxygen administration. Intended for The Workplace or The Industrial setting in which Adult CPR/AED/BFA knowledge is needed to satisfy safety requirements. Reflects guideline updates.

    Wilderness Emergency Care:
    • Basic Level
    • First Responder Level
    • EMT Upgrade
    Details: Wilderness Emergency Care student book provides in-depth coverage of wilderness emergencies, graphic illustrations, and special care considerations in outdoor environments.

    First Responder:
    Details: Mosby First Responder student textbook thoroughly covers the US Department of Transportation (DOT) National Standard Curriculum for First Responders. Reflects guideline updates.

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