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  • Handcuffing instructor course

    CLASS: Larry Smith Enterprise Techniques & Tactics For Handcuffing Instructor Course

    Handcuffing is a controversial issue. It is a routine and frequently practiced amongst law enforcement officers, but formal handcuff training is frequently overlooked in police training. There have been medical reports of serious injuries to suspects' wrist from overzealous handcuffing. These injuries have included fractures of wrist bones, lacerations and permanent nerve damage. All people in custody should be handcuffed for their safety and the safety of the officers. A separate handcuffing course is recommended to mitigate handcuffing injuries, civil complaints and lawsuits related to handcuffing. It is also advisable to have refresher training regarding the fourth amendment so that officers are aware of when and under what circumstance they may handcuff a suspect. This Handcuffing Instructor 8 hour course provides this void in police and security training Instructors who pass the testing will be able to teach others in the basic course. http://www.pr-24training.com

    DATE: June 4, 2011

    LOCATION: American Security Company 22900 Shaw Road Dulles, VA 20166 suite 107 http://www.securityprograms.com/pages/training.html

    TIME: 0800 - 1630 Hours

    COST: Handcuffing Instructor ($295.00)

    CONTACT: [email protected] (302) 228-1971

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    $300.00 bucks? Any UoF insructor who is not adressing the 4th amendment and case law regarding the UoF in their program deserves what they get. As far as seperating handcuffing from the rest of UoF, Im not seeing a need. Custody and Control is what it is.. Its like seperating strikes from ground defense or weapon retention from knife defense or ground defense from knife defense or baton tech from ground defense. I could gon on, but they are all related and should be trained together, thats the point. Just sayin..
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      So, a security company is offering to teach LEO's how to handcuff?
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