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    Does anyone have a favorite collection of articles, websites, or books that they use frequently or have found useful in their firearms training? I'm a new firearms instructor and am looking for anything to "sponge." Thanks for the help!

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    Here is a group you can join up with. It was originally Florida-only, but they opened up to the rest of us. There are some files you might find useful, but posting questions will bring you further assistance.

    By the way, welcome to, a great resource in itself.


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      I try to encourage newer instructors to review some of the literature and publications from *legitimate* sources, both recent and "old school". Sometimes it's tough to determine who is reputable, and who is not, especially to a newer instructor. Sometimes it's trial and error, or relying on the opinions of those you trust when finding good instructors to train under. I've been fortunate to have trained with many great instructors over the years, and from each one, you take what works for you, and stow it away for future use. Knowing the background and basis for a technique willl make you a better instructor, I often like to review some of the older books on the subject of use of force, and firearms usage from some of the respected pioneers. Often, "what is old, is new" when you start analyzing what is truly valid or not. Many of the early works by Fairbain and Sykes, Rex Applegate, Jeff Cooper, and others are what have formed the basis for much of what we teach currently, once you really start to pick it apart. There are some excellent instructors out there that I have learned a great deal from by attending training courses and seminars. Sometimes when you attend a course, you: learn some new skills, look at a particular tactic in a new way, validate that what you already know is still useful, what equipment works for you, or you realize you need, what your areas of need are for future training, or sometimes most importantly...what tactics or equipment you DON'T like, that may not work for you, or your agency mission. I've found that teaching as many courses as you can, to as diverse of a group as possible is the best way to boost your instructional ability. Hope that helps.


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        Consider membership in the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors ( IALEFI publishes a quarterly journal and has a members-only forum. They also sponsor both intenational and regional training conferences. The RTC's are frequently held in Jackson Township, NJ, and on Long Island.
        John from Maryland


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          Thank you all for the help. I appreciate the responses. Be safe out there


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            Suggest you take a look at the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors & Armorers Assn. Their website is and it has a number of resources which even out of state instructors can utilize.


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              LE Instructor Association

              Check out International Law Enforcement Educators Trainers Association


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                Check out National Tactical Officer Association and International Law Enforcement Educators Trainers Association


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                  As mentioned, don't forget the Old Guys,.....Gen Hatcher, Sharp, Crossman, Bill Jordon, ("No Second Place Winner" is a must for any officer and LE Instructor). The CMP Bookstore has some good CDs and Books that are reasonable, as does the NRA. Contact your National Guard Marksmanship Unit. While I worked for the Anchorage PD, I also ran the AKNG Marksmanship Unit. I gave LE Officers slots in my training.


                  Get involved in Competition Shooting. ICORE, PPC, etc, all the action type shooting but don't neglect Bullseye Shooting. You have to keep up with the fundamentals of marksmanship or all the rest will be lost. Competition will teach you, show you your mistakes and the mistakes of others. You'll meet great people and build "contacts" that will help you along with your LE Instructor Career.


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